Make a long-term commitment to biodiversity and forests

Learn how we preserve, protect and nurture forest ecosystems and together, we can make the forest a safe haven for biodiversity.

Why do we need sustainable forestry?

Why do we need sustainable forestry?

Forests are the second largest carbon sink on the planet and home to 80% of the world’s land biodiversity. Our methods respect natural ecosystems, improve biodiversity and increase trees' resilience. Ultimately, close-to-nature forestry allows us to produce wood sustainably without damaging the biodiversity of the forest or its ecosystems.
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Sustainable forestry conserves biodiversity

Uneven-aged forest management

We combine trees of different ages to promote biodiversity and avoid clear-cutting at the end of their life cycle.


Mixed species

We avoid monoculture forests and instead plant different tree species to improve the natural resilience of our forests.


No chemicals

We never use any pesticides in our forests. Saplings are protected by natural repellent and temporary fences.


Preserving ecosystems

Our ecologists carry out inventories to decide which species need extra protection and what measure need to be implemented. We monitor the progress of our impact over time.


Our projects in numbers

49+ forests over 1,200 hectares owned and managed

1,200,000 trees sustainably managed

550+ biodiversity projects

225 beehives installed

70 local partners

Social impact in forest communities