Together, let's reforest Europe and fight climate change

Looking for a unique way to meet your SBTi and CSR goals? Own, sponsor or give trees through our reforestation projects.

How you can support reforestation

How you take action depends on your company’s goals, but there are two main ways you can have a positive impact on the planet through reforestation.


Tree ownership

Become a tree owner

Conserve forests and biodiversity

Help create vital carbon sinks

Get 100% of the profit when sold for sustainable timber

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Tree sponsorship

Participate in the development of our forests

Fund new seedlings

Contribute to their growth

Support local jobs in the forestry sector

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Forest subscription

Contribute monthly to the forest

A green CSR strategy

Hassle-free contribution

Support the planet's CO2 absorption

Discover a unique concept: tree ownership

An ecological and economical investment

EcoTree acquires and converts existing land into sustainable forests. Any person or business can then buy the trees and become a tree owner. We believe in sustainable forest management, which sees the trees’ value increase by 2% each year. As the trees mature, we responsibly harvest the timber and sell it to local sawmills. Where do the profits go? Straight back to you — the tree owner.


Create your company forest

We own more than 1000 hectares of forest, which means we can create a corporate project that allows you to meet your CSR objectives.By owning trees, you help fund local, social and community projects, all while protecting and conserving biodiverse forest habitats. You’ll get updates on the progress of your projects several times a year, which helps you communicate and measure the impact your support has.


Where does your support go?

  • The forestry diagnosis, soil surveys and forestry management plan
  • Preparing soil and planting trees
  • Sustainable forest management by our local foresters and partners
  • Monitoring and communicating your impact over the long term


Sponsor new trees

Sponsor new trees

When you sponsor trees, you fund their growth right at the start of their journey. We always use local tree nurseries located as close to our forests as possible. As a sponsor, you play a crucial role in those first steps of sustainable forest management. When your trees are ready, we plant them in an EcoTree forest where they’re nurtured throughout their lives.
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Curious about carbon sequestration?

Achieve net zero emissions and reach your SBTi goals with certified carbon credits!


Give trees as corporate gifts

Give trees as corporate gifts

Let your customers and team know where you stand on climate change. Giving trees as a gift is a meaningful way to show your company means business when it comes to the environment.
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Biodiversity projects

Biodiversity projects

Support our biodiversity conservation projects that protect vital ecosystems and local flora and fauna.
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Your action supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are experts in sustainable forest management. The trees you buy in our forests sequester carbon and help slow the erosion of biodiversity. When you buy EcoTree trees, you actively help the planet work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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