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657Arbre3020%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/03/29975171525cffa6ac400a830e26cf86373eb387.jpegSessile OakAge: 50 to 55 years old Ruillé Forest 72https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/ruille-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/72-sarthe/ruille-forest/sessile-oak/657
Age: 50 to 55 years old Ruillé Forest Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, France
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 600 kginfo Expected gross gain: €62info
1014Arbre1820%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/03/f8a6877b2887051a0576fcfcac134244c2810f73.jpegRed CedarUneven-aged high forest Ploerdut Forest 56https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/ploerdut-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/56-morbihan/ploerdut-forest/red-cedar/1014
Red Cedar €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old Ploerdut Forest Morbihan, Brittany, France
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 800 kginfo Expected gross gain: €69info
2436Arbre1820%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/03/8931b3cbc83d13687b1b411f16241419fb5aac14.jpegSessile OakUneven-aged high forest Trinité Langonnet Forest 56https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/trinite-langonnet-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/56-morbihan/trinite-langonnet-forest/sessile-oak/2436
Age: 0 to 2 years old Trinité Langonnet Forest Morbihan, Brittany, France
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 900 kginfo Expected gross gain: €183info
2659PackArticle5420%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/pack/0001/03/89bbbe59a6cdd37506f10f8b9b4ddc4c95223798.jpegChristmas Bundle Bundle varie_selon_essence variablehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/christmas-bundlehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/christmas-bundle
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3 trees Syndicat Forest Several regions
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 2,1 tonnesinfo Expected gross gain: €140info
2665PackArticle48020%FRhttps://cdn.ecotree.green/img/articles/pack_forestier.jpgForest Bundle Bundle varie_selon_essence variablehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/forest-bundlehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/forest-bundle
Only 8 left! - 10%
Forest Bundle €480 €534
26 trees Several forests Several regions
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 17,0 tonnesinfo Expected gross gain: €1,202info
2642PackArticle5420%FRhttps://cdn.ecotree.green/img/articles/WEDDING.jpgWedding bundle Bundle varie_selon_essence variablehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/wedding-bundlehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/wedding-bundle
Only 4 left!
3 trees Several forests Several regions
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 2,6 tonnesinfo Expected gross gain: €300info
2660PackArticle5120%FRhttps://cdn.ecotree.green/img/articles/newborn1.jpgBaby Bundle Bundle varie_selon_essence variablehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/baby-bundlehttps://ecotree.green/en/offres/pack/baby-bundle
Only 4 left! - 5%
Baby Bundle €51 €54
3 trees Several forests Several regions
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 2,5 tonnesinfo Expected gross gain: €374info

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