Let’s act for the planet with sustainable forests

At EcoTree, we sustainably manage forests and plant trees that you can buy for yourself or give as gifts

Syndicat Forest, France

EcoTree in a few words

EcoTree in a few words

Being a leading provider of Nature-Based Solutions in Europe, we at EcoTree develop unique opportunities that allow everyone to engage in the protection, management and restoration of ecosystems. Not only beneficial for the forests, but also generating environmental, social and economic benefits, vital to the fight against climate change and biodiversity decline. We democratise access to forest property with a logic of return on investment and contribution to major global issues.
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EcoTree in a few words

Our values

Our values

Looking out for not just ourselves, but everyone around us, and not dwelling on each other's weaknesses, but rather working together to help each other grow in a mutual effort.

Working in the service of nature makes us humble. Whatever we do, nature always has the last word. We know that whatever we do, it's an imitation of what nature does best!

High standards
The trust that our clients place in us by supporting the projects that we build honours us and leaves us with a big responsibility. Our daily work is guided by a high level of integrity and absolute sense of commitment.


Do you see yourself in these values? Then you'll enjoy working with us!

How a Danish system inspired four friends

How a Danish system inspired four friends

Having discovered the succesful Danish bottle recycling system, where one bottle recycled equals a cash payout, four friends (Théophane, Baudouin, Erwan and Vianney) visiting from France had got inspired to create EcoTree. To them, it was a logic approach that in order to preserve the common good, a rewarding approach is much more effective than a punitive one.
Buying a tree with EcoTree becomes a profitable investment, both for the person who buys it and for society.
We see the interest in private forest management being revived in Europe. Through our work, abandonded or damaged land is once again being managed, and local trees are being planted. All this helps slow down global warming, increase biodiversity and promise a profit to everyone owning trees with EcoTree.
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How a Danish system inspired four friends

We make a real difference

1,700,000+ trees

planted and/or sustainably managed

500+ projects

on biodiversity: beehives, wetlands, ponds and more

5 countries

in which we operate

86,000+ private customers

and more than 2000 partner companies

Take part in reforesting Europe


They've already started the journey

You too can buy trees as gifts or for yourself. Follow their growth and contribute to the development of sustainable and responsable forestry.
4.7552 reviews
Vincent I.

Vincent I.

Google Reviews - March 2022

"Very good company and a nice project for the future of our children. Good communication that gives me confidence in the investment I've made."
Damien D.

Damien D.

Google Reviews - July 2022

"Great concept! A way to invest in biodiversity and the preservation of our forests [...]. A responsive team that listens to its customers!"