How does it work?


You select and finance a biodiversity project


Our expert foresters put their heart into completing the project


The forest's biodiversity is protected and preserved

Our current projects:
Naturalistic inventory in Langoëlan
Naturalistic inventory in Langoëlan

Bourrus Forest

Target: €6.000
100 %
Maintenance and restoration of a peat bog
Maintenance and restoration of a peat bog

Bourrus Forest

Target: €50.000
12 %
Rehabilitation of two forest ponds
Rehabilitation of two forest ponds

Pézarches Forest

Target: €15.000
25 %

Our completed projects:

What is biodiversity ?

Biodiversity is a generic term that encompasses the diversity of natural environments, species and also genetic diversity.

Well aware of environmental issues, EcoTree has set up several large projects to preserve and develop the biodiversity of its forests.

Forests are the main reservoir of plant and animal biodiversity worldwide. Forests alone contain about 50% of living species.

Why is preserving biodiversity essential?


The biodiversity of ecosystems stores CO2, regulates the climate , produces oxygen, maintains the nutrient cycles and the water cycle .


Drinking water , food, renewable energy, construction materials, and active substances for drugs exists because of natural organismes.


Biodiversity is a requirement of functional ecosystems .


Ecosystems and species diversitet ensure pollination , pest control and create fertile soil.

Are you a forest owner wanting to promote biodiversity?


EcoTree can help finance:

  • Riparian forest planting 
  • Maintaining and restoring peat bogs, humid zones, ponds... 
  • Agroforestry and tree planting in agricultural areas 
  • Plant honey-bearing plant species and hedges 
  • Install beehives in the forest 
  • ...