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Faouët Forest, France

Your adventure as a tree owner

Now you’re here, we’d like to tell you how it works for you as a tree owner and what makes our sustainable forestry model unique. But let’s start with you.

Buy trees in our treeShop and track their progress in your online account.

Over your tree’s long life, you can visit the forest it grows in, introduce it to your family and track its growth and value.

We'll eventually cut your tree for sustainable timber – a vital resource. 100% of the profit goes back to you!

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Biodiversity projects

How EcoTree sees the wood from the trees

We’ve used the fine details of land rights to cultivate a new way to look at the bigger picture. Bringing everyone into sustainable forestry will help us towards a greener future.
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How do your trees grow in value over time?

The magic of EcoTree is tied up in the natural growth of a tree as a physical asset. As the value of your tree grows, it creates a safe home for forest animals and captures carbon along the way.

A natural resource

Your trees are natural assets and their wood volume grows 2% each year on average.

An economic forecast

An expert estimates the value of your tree when it is felled in the future.

Invest in the forest

When your trees are harvested, all the income (in proportion to your initial purchase) goes back to you.

Preserving forests as the
EcoTree Forestry Group

We buy land and convert it into sustainable forests. While our foresters look after your trees, you can check in on them through your EcoTree online account. You can also visit the forest in person if you like!


EcoTree Forestry Group owns the land and transfers the tree property to EcoTree. EcoTree manages the sustainable forestry.


Customers buy trees on the EcoTree website and EcoTree transfers the trees to the customer.


EcoTree initiates the tender and negotiates the best offer with the sawmill.


EcoTree then puts the entire proceeds generated by the final cut back in your pocket.

infographic explaining how the ecotree model works

Have we still not satisfied your curiosi-tree?

Here are answers to questions we get asked about our unique sustainable forestry model, including how it tackles climate change and makes a difference to our planet.

Why do we need to plant trees anyway?

There are too many reasons why we need to plant trees to squeeze onto this small text field. We don't even have space to mention how nice they are to look at, how great they smell, or how a walk in the forest has proven relaxation and mental healing powers. Aren’t forests brilliant?

Why is tree ownership good for the planet?

Writer George Monbiot and biologist Garret Hardin have highlighted how vital our connection to nature is in its conservation. That’s why we’re going beyond donations. Our tree owners (like you!) have a lifetime of reasons to stay engaged and passionate about protecting forests.

What do you mean by sustainable forestry?

Our foresters use forestry principles which ensure vibrant, diverse habitats for plants and animals. Part of this involves supporting biodiversity with special projects, like wetland restoration and bee protection. Ultimately it’s all about balance. For wildlife, the environment and communities.

Why is my tree expected to increase 2% in value every year?

The estimated value of your trees increase to reflect the average growth of a tree, which is 2% every year. This calculation has been approved by the French Financial Supervisory Authority (AMF). When your tree is felled, we turn it into wood and sell it for building materials, furniture and other uses. All proceeds from the felling and sales go to you, the tree owner.

How can I track my tree over its lifetime?

Because we’re a fully integrated sustainable forestry company, who own and manage our forests directly, we can ensure a high level of control and quality in all our activities. It also means we can give you lots of lovely data, drone footage, news and exciting reports of your trees online.

Why do you cut down the trees at all?

It surprises a lot of people to hear we selective cut a tree, once its carbon contribution declines. But our foresters ensure the forest is undisturbed when a tree is removed. They also replace the tree and, in essence, assist the natural regeneration of the forest. Why not read our blog article on this too?