Calculate and reduce your flight's carbon footprint

How we calculate the carbon footprint of a flight

First we calculate the distance between the two airports to give us the amount of kerosene the plane needs for the journey.

Next we add an extra 1.1 tons of kerosene to account for take off, landing and taxiing to and from the runway.

3.1kg of CO2 is created for every 1kg of fuel used. So we multiply the fuel mass above by 3.1 to estimate the CO2 emitted.

Finally we divide this amount by the average number of passengers for that type of flight to work out your personal contribution.

Tips for reducing your flight-related emissions

While flying less is the most obvious way to cut flight emissions, there are loads of great hacks for cutting flight emissions in creative ways!

Fly economy

Did you know that business & first-class flights generate more carbon emissions?

Pack light

This can really reduce flight emissions! Less weight in the plane means less fuel.

Eat local

You've flown in but your food doesn't have to! Explore local veggie delicacies.

Stay sustainable

Make your accommodation when you get there a lovely, eco-friendly place.

Transit green

Explore wonders closer to home. There are adventures just around the corner!

Fly closer

Explore wonders closer to home. There are adventures just around the corner!

Fly direct

All that up & down and in & out of airports consumes more fuel than direct travel.

Don't fly

Take a month to travel there by camel. Kidding. But could you get there another way?

Fly newest

If you can, pick an airline that's invested in newer, more fuel-efficient planes.

Drop domestic

Take off and landing guzzle fuel, so domestic flights have high emissions per km.

Tell everyone

Shout about your decision to reduce flight emissions. Others will be encouraged to do it too!

Video meetings

Video meetings are the new normal! Take that meeting without going anywhere.

How to earn a clean conscience

Offsetting is such a problematic term. At EcoTree, we aim to help people practically and financially towards a greener future. Individually, we'll never be able to completely offset or remove our footprint on the planet. We can't buy our way out of positive action going forward. But together, we can make a cleaner step in the right direction.
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