Calculate and reduce your internet's CO2 emissions

How we calculate the carbon footprint of your internet

To calculate the carbon footprint of your internet usage at home, we need to know exactly what you've been watching on Netflix.

Not really. But we do need to know roughly how many hours you and the people you live with spend streaming content every month.

Next, we add that with your overall combined internet use in hours. So all that internet shopping and hours spent watching TikToks... that all counts.

Finally, we take into account the type of internet connection you have and how many screens you have, to give your internet's monthly carbon footprint.

Tips for reducing your internet-related emissions

Download instead of stream

Instead of streaming the movies, shows and playlists that you will watch again, download to your device once and save energy.

Be an eco-messenger

Always adding attachments to emails? Try linking to documents instead and avoid sending messages to multiple people.

Get bored

Instead of reaching for your phone any time you have a spare moment, daydream, people-watch, or listen to what's going on around you.

Change video resolution

Watching videos represents 60% of the world's internet traffic. Reduce bandwidth by switching from HD to a lower resolution.

Use Wi-Fi

Streaming video over your mobile network uses is at least twice as energy intensive, so watch with Wi-Fi when available.

Don't update

Do you need to constantly backup and automatically update all your apps? Check your settings and only update when you need to.

Reuse your searches

Do you really need to search again? If you know where you want to go, just go directly to the website and add it to your bookmarks.

Install an ad-blocker

Ads are everywhere online - they slow things down and use up lots of resources. Try an ad-blocker to get things moving.

Choose an eco-friendly email provider

Did you know all that emailing uses resources? Find a provider that uses 100% renewable energy.

Unsubscribe from mailing list

Inbox full of unread newsletters? Unsubscribe from those mailing lists you don't read anymore.

Clean up your cloud

Do you really need those 25 near-identical photos? Clean up your cloud storage and delete files you don't use.

Try alternative storage

Cloud storage uses lots of energy, so try a good old USB stick or hard drive instead and protect your personal information.

How to earn a clean conscience

Offsetting is such a problematic term. At EcoTree, we aim to help people practically and financially towards a greener future. Individually, we'll never be able to completely offset or remove our footprint on the planet. We can't buy our way out of positive action going forward. But together, we can make a cleaner step in the right direction.
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