Calculate and reduce your car's carbon footprint

How we calculate the carbon footprint of a car journey

First we calculate the distance between your destination and where you started to give us the amount of petrol you need for the journey.

If this is a frequent journey, like a commute, you can add that into the calculator to give you your footprint over a certain time, rather than just one day.

Next we factor in the engine type, petrol type and the size of the car, to get the correct fuel usage estimate.

Finally we suggest the number of trees you could plant over a particular of time to greatly reduce your carbon impact.

Tips for reducing your car-related emissions

There are lots of ways to travel that don't involve a car! And when you do need to get behind the wheel, a few small changes can make a big difference.


By carpooling with others you drive less, create fewer emissions and save money.

Drive less

Use public transport, bike or walk whenever you can.

Switch to hybrid vehicle

Driving a hybrid vehicle will help you cut emissions and use less fuel.

Turn off air conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning makes its engine work harder and increases emissions.

Avoid idle parking

Stopped for more than 10 seconds? Turn off your vehicle’s engine as it wastes fuel.

Reduce height

Your roof rack, box or bike carrier increases your vehicle’s emissions, so only use them when you have to.

Go easy on the pedals

Avoid speeding, unnecessary acceleration, and hard braking to save fuel and money. You’ll make your driving style safer too.

Avoid short journeys

Do you really need to drive? Combine short trips into one journey and look for other ways to travel.

Use better fuel

Simple way to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions? Premium fuels contain active cleaning agents that remove dirt from your engine.

Use a cleaning agent

Remove harmful deposits and lower emissions by adding a cleaning agent into your vehicle’s fuel system.

Work from home

Do you need to be in the office? One way to reduce the commute is to work from home when you can.


Replace driving with cycling wherever you can. Check to see if your town or city has a bike-share programme.

How to earn a clean conscience

Offsetting is such a problematic term. At EcoTree, we aim to help people practically and financially towards a greener future. Individually, we'll never be able to completely offset or remove our footprint on the planet. We can't buy our way out of positive action going forward. But together, we can make a cleaner step in the right direction.
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