Get involved in conserving biodiversity

By conserving biodiversity, your company takes important action for the planet while achieving its sustainable development goals.

Our biodiversity projects

ecotree biodiversity project

Biodiversity fund

Act globally, across all of France

Ensuring ecological continuity

Maintaining ecosystem services

A global and social impact

ecotree biodiversity project

Burnt forests

Planting in degraded forests

Reducing natural risks

Carbon capture

Restoring biodiversity and natural habitats

ecotree biodiversity project


Installation of beehives and planting of hedges

Improving agricultural productivity

Maintaining of diverse ecosystems

Ensuring the health of pollinators

ecotree biodiversity project


Restoration and creation of ponds

Water purification

Erosion and flood prevention

Preserving biodiversity

ecotree biodiversity project


Planting trees, hedges and orchards

Improving soil health and fertility

Carbon capture

Support local communities

ecotree biodiversity project

Marine biodiversity

Restoration of Posidonia meadows and mangroves

Maintaining carbon sinks

Limiting erosion, preventing flooding

Restoring marine biodiversity

Explore the Biodiversity Fund

Make a positive impact on several terrestrial biodiversity projects across ecosystems in Europe. From flourishing wetlands to vibrant flower meadows and honey hedges. With your contribution, we are going to strengthen several European projects while having a social impact.
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Explore the biodiversity initiatives we are carrying out with our partners

Let's improve biodiversity together

Since September 2020, H&M has donated all its paper bag sales (excluding VAT) to EcoTree, supporting more than 20 biodiversity projects in France. Among these projects, H&M is participating in the restoration of two wetlands of 3,5 ha in Brittany, the installation and management of 247 beehives and 100 nest boxes, the creation of 2 educational trails in the north and center of France, three underwater clean-up operations near Marseille and Saint-Tropez, the restoration of the burnt-down Marzols forest in south France, the planting of a wild orchard in Langonnet forest in Brittany, and the creation of a flower meadow in Préaux forest.


Sponsoring beehives & planting forests

Since 201, XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology has been an EcoTree-partner, sponsoring four beehives in our Châtelain and Plouray forests. The international company which started in Brittany, France, has planted over 50 trees in its home country.

“We are really happy about this partnership with EcoTree, happy to help bees and trees in this beautiful region, and happy to do more for our environment!" - Ronan Pennec, CEO of XBEE


Sowing flower meadows

Rubel & Menasché helped create 500 m2 of flower meadow at Lalacelle, in Normandy, on the banks of a stream. Once a pasture, this meadow is surrounded by farmland, which can only provide wild pollinators with limited food resources. In addition to providing food for pollinators, the flower meadow will provide other benefits to the area: limiting soil erosion, enhancing the landscape, diversifying land use, etc.


Developing agroforestry

For its 30th anniversary, Danival launched the #TousEngagés (which can be translated to #GetInvolved) operation. For every Danival product purchased at the Supermarket chain Naturalia, they donated 50 cents to EcoTree to support the restoration of agricultural ecosystems through agroforestry. This operation enabled an 8-hectare farm specialising in producing organic mushrooms to convert to an agroforestry model.


Discover our white paper 'Biodiversity & Business: The Basic Principles'

Discover our white paper 'Biodiversity & Business: The Basic Principles'

A guide to understanding the impacts and dependencies of businesses on biodiversity. Today, biodiversity is being eroded 100 times faster than previous mass extinctions! In this guide, we explain businesses' impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and how to integrate them into your CSR strategy. We hope that reading it will give you a better understanding of the vital urgency of preserving biodiversity and give you the keys to taking action.
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biodiversity white paper

How does it work?

We work with you to choose the right biodiversity conservation project for your business to support.

Our experts carry out and monitor your chosen project and how it benefits the forest ecosystem.

You and your team receive a report every year for you to learn more about your project’s progress.

You continue to get updates as your project evolves over time and we’re always here to answer questions.

Your action supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are experts in sustainable forest management. The trees you buy in our forests sequester carbon and help slow the erosion of biodiversity. When you buy EcoTree trees, you actively help the planet work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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