A tree, an eco-responsible gift for a special occasion!

Are you looking for sustainable and ethical gift ideas? Give trees to your loved ones for any occasion.

Gioux Forest, France

The gift that keeps on growing

By offering one or more trees to your loved ones, you allow us to manage sustainable forests in France, Denmark and Europe. Thus, you are contributing to the fight against global warming and biodiversity loss whilst offering a long-lasting and sustainable gift that keeps growing.

5384Arbre19.520%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/03/f8a6877b2887051a0576fcfcac134244c2810f73.jpegRed CedarUneven-aged high forest Ploerdut 5 Forest 56https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/ploerdut-forest-5https://ecotree.green/en/offers/56-morbihan/ploerdut-forest-5/red-cedar/5384
Red Cedar $19.50
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Ploerdut 5 Forest
Morbihan, Brittany, France
5372Arbre19.520%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/04/77cfdea734cb4577a3619de6e6ba0db2e9e4a364.jpgChecker treeUneven-aged high forest Lacelle Forest 19https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/lacelle-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/19-correze/lacelle-forest/checker-tree/5372
For subscribers only
Checker tree $19.50
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Lacelle Forest
Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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5349Arbre19.520%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/03/5a4b02c451eca6d9634141f1548976d4bac06cfa.jpegLarchUneven-aged high forest Lacelle Forest 19https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/lacelle-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/19-correze/lacelle-forest/larch/5349
Larch $19.50
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Lacelle Forest
Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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Gift a tree

A sustainable gift for a special occasion

A tree is the ideal gift idea. For Valentine's Day, a wedding, Mother's Day or Father's Day, but also for Christmas, a birth or to honor the memory of a loved one, there's no better gift than a tree. It's a lasting gift, a symbol of life, power and resilience. You can give an oak, beech or pine tree, or a cedar, poplar or cedar. A bouquet of trees for every occasion.
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A forest gift for a more sustainable Christmas.

Wedding gift

Celebrate evergreen love.

Birth gift

A gift that grows with the child.

Mother's day

To remind your mother of your love for her.

Father's day

To remind your father of your love for him.

Valentine's day

A tree for a loved one.

Memorial tree

Give the deceased's loved ones a tree to remind them of their loved one.


What people say about their sustainable gifts

Read about what other people thought of gifting a tree!
4.7552 reviews
Patricia R.

Patricia R.

Google Reviews - June 2023

"It's an original gift that I wanted to give to my grandchildren, which served as a platform for discussions about our fragile planet. A big thank you for your enthusiasm!"
Xavier B.

Xavier B.

Google Reviews - February 2023

"Excellent sustainable development-oriented concept. Happy and proud to contribute to this initiative. Finally, an opportunity to give a gift that delivers a message about ecology, the issue of climate change, and the importance of forested areas. I highly recommend it!"

How do I give someone a forest gift?

Giving someone a forest gift for a special occasion is a thoughtful gift. We offer two different ways to deliver the gift to them. We can create a certificate for the gift in PDF format, which you can print out and give to the receiver, or we can send the forest gift card directly to them via e-mail. You can choose which way you prefer for us to deliver the gift when you create the gift. You also have the option to write a personalised message accompanying the gift.

By email

Save on paper and emissions by sending a personal gift card by email.

Printable gift card

Share your gift card in person by downloading and printing it out at home.

You are interested in gifting a tree, but you have a few questions.

Can the recipient visit their tree?

The trees you gift to a loved one will grow in one of our forests in France or Denmark. It is possible to visit the forest in France, between April and October and all year round in Denmark. We do not physically label the trees in our forests to keep our interventions minimal and best preserve the nature. But when you offer a tree or trees as a gift to someone, we will provide you with information such as GPS coordinates, to locate the forest. That way the recipient can go for a walk in the forest, where their tree or trees are growing.

How do I create one or more gifts?

To create a gift and give a tree to the person of your choice, all you need to do is follow our gift process. You create an account, select one or more trees, and fill in the recipient's details. Afterwards, you can choose an image, write a personalised message to the recipient, and select the gift card through which you'd like to inform them about the gift that awaits. You can choose between two delivery forms: in PDF or via email. However, if you wish to gift multiple trees, we recommend purchasing them from the TreeShop and then creating the gifts directly from your EcoTree account. The gift-creation steps remain the same.

How does the recipient become owner of the tree?

Once the eco-friendly gift is given, the recipient will only need to create an EcoTree account or log in and enter their gift code here. The trees will then be transferred directly to them. They will become the full owner of one or more trees growing in our forests. They will benefit from the proceeds of harvesting these trees when they reach maturity. In the meantime, they will contribute to society and nature by owning these trees, which help enrich biodiversity and mitigate the devastating effects of global climate change.

Is a tree guaranteed to be a good gift?

Who doesn't love trees? Forests not only sustain us, but they are also poetic and a symbol of life. Giving a tree to a loved one is subtly conveying the message that they are the proud owner of a part of this entity we call a forest, which not only enables us to breathe but also shelters the richest terrestrial biodiversity, filters water and air, and retains and enriches the soil. How can one not be happy to receive such a simple yet symbolic gift? Therefore, a tree is the timeless and sustainable gift through which you are sure to bring joy.