Gift your dad a tree this Father’s Day

Buy your dad a tree for a thoughtful, personalised Father’s Day gift that’s symbolic, sustainable and full of meaning.

Sarran Forest, France

Choose the perfect tree for Father’s Day

Looking for an eco-friendly gift that's completely unique for Father's Day? Here's a selection of trees that are full of meaning.

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Father's day Bundle €54.12 €57
3 trees
Ruillé Forest
Pays de la Loire, France
5384Arbre1820%FR CedarRed Cedar - Ploerdut 5 Forest (56) Ploerdut 5 Forest 56
Red Cedar €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Ploerdut 5 Forest
Morbihan, Brittany, France
5372Arbre1820%FR treeChecker tree - Lacelle Forest (19) Lacelle Forest 19
For subscribers only
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Lacelle Forest
Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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Give trees as a gift

Choose the perfect tree for Father’s Day

Trees are the perfect gift idea because they are sustainable, eco-friendly and unlike most Father's Day presents, unique and highly personal.
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Trees absorb CO2

Trees store CO2 far into the future. They are vital to the green transition, fighting climate change and supporting biodiversity in local, natural habitats.


Trees grow with you

Many tree species live much longer than us humans. Your sustainable gift is the perfect, eco-friendly alternative that can help the planet today and decades from now.


Trees produce valuable materials

As trees grow, they increase in value. When their life cycle is over, they are sold as sustainable timber. That makes your gift a long-term, green investment.


What people say about their sustainable gifts

Want to give a Father's Day gift that's good for the environment this year? Our trees will bring special meaning for years to come.
4.7552 reviews
Gregory L.

Gregory L.

Google Reviews - May 2020

"I received some trees from my kids as a present for Father's Day. What a great initiative – what a simple and great concept. "
Jocelyne P.

Jocelyne P.

Google Reviews - February 2023

"My tree was an original, natural gift and very much appreciated. Excellent – highly recommend!"

Gift cards: the best way to give trees

You can’t wrap a tree for Father’s Day, but you can choose an environmentally-friendly, personalised option by sharing a gift card.

By email

Save on paper and emissions by sending a personal gift card by email.

Printable gift card

Share your gift card in person by downloading and printing it out at home.

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Common questions about gifting a tree for Father’s Day

Thinking about buying a perfect Father’s Day gift that's great for the environment and completely original? Here are the answers to some common questions.

What makes a tree the perfect Father’s Day gift?

Like most people, you probably want gift ideas that provide the personal touch for your dad this Father’s Day. A tree is the perfect present if you want to show them that you care for both them and the environment. While everybody else heads off to the store or shops online for the same boring old gifts, you can go for a gift idea that is truly original, eco-friendly and unforgettable.

Where do EcoTree trees grow?

We own forests across Europe and you can buy trees online in our fantastic treeShopforest management helps promote, protect and conserve natural habitats and biodiversity.

How can I see the tree that was given to me?

Oh – you’ve received a tree for Father’s Day? You’ll need to claim your gift and add it to a new online EcoTree account, or your current account if you already have one. From there, you can check out your tree’s location, age and species, as well as the date we estimate the tree will be ready to cut. As your tree was a thoughtful and personalised Father’s Day gift, you will want to check out the amount of CO2 your tree has sequestered throughout its lifetime. You can find the GPS coordinates of the forest on Google or on the page dedicated to forests on our website. You can even visit our forests from April to October and see our trees in person.

Why does EcoTree plant trees?

We love forests and our mission is to plant trees as part of a sustainable approach to renew and protect forests. We have a team of foresters who care for our trees throughout their lifetime. Not only do we plant trees in new spaces, when older trees mature they are cut and used for quality timber and other trees are planted in their place, unless they grow back on their own. Foresters often favour natural regeneration, which just means trees that have grown naturally and without the help of us humans. There may be several reasons to plant trees, including that natural regeneration does not happen or because the climatic conditions are bad. Sometimes, trees are planted to modify the diversity of forest species, so they can adapt to climatic disturbances.

How does a tree show my dad I care this Father’s Day?

Ever thought your dad might be tired of those traditional Father’s Day presents? Bottles of wine and chocolates come and go quickly, so try something more eco-friendly and meaningful this Father’s Day. Trees are the perfect Father’s Day gift idea because they will grow for many years in EcoTree forests and provide a thoughtful symbol of your relationship. You never know, if you find yourself in an EcoTree forest, you might even get to show your dad his thoughtful Father’s Day gift in person. As your relationship grows and matures over the years, so will the gift of trees.

Will my dad really want a tree for Father’s Day?

Of course! Everyone loves to get their walking boots on and spend some time among the trees. As natural, living organisms they are a crucial part of our natural environment and a great place to enjoy time with family. Did you know that forests are sometimes called the Earth’s lungs? That’s because they are essential to life as they provide the oxygen we breathe and rich soils that feature nutrients essential for growing food. Over the course of a year, seasons change along with life in forests, which are home to fauna, flora and lots of wildlife. Of course, climate change is already affecting how we live, but thankfully people are starting to appreciate the important role trees will have in a sustainable future for life on Earth. Why not share some of these talking points with your dad when you give him the gift of trees?