Buy the perfect, sustainable new baby gift – a tree!

Celebrate a new baby with a meaningful, eco-friendly gift that is free from plastic, full of meaning and lasts a lifetime.

Choose a tree to welcome a new baby

Looking for a gift that's great for the environment and celebrates bringing a new life into the world? Explore these trees that are all full of meaning. Hey – perhaps there is another celebration just around the corner that you need to buy a present for. We have some good news for you, because a tree can also be the perfect gift for many other occasions, including weddings, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's day or to honor the memory of a loved one. Join one of many happy gift givers who have chosen to support sustainable forestry and help conserve biodiversity by celebrating a happy event through the act of sharing trees.

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3 trees
Montplonne Forest
Several regions
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Downy Oak €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old
La Salle Forest
Vosges, Grand Est, France
4989Arbre1820%FR mapleUneven-aged high forest Montplonne Forest 55
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Montplonne Forest
Meuse, Grand Est, France

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Give trees as a gift

Why give trees as new baby gift?

Trees are a fantastic newborn gift idea because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and, unlike most new baby presents, free from single-use plastics.
We believe in sustainable forestry here at EcoTree, which means we nurture forests to preserve and protect them for future generations to enjoy too. That’s a really powerful message that you can share with the new parents as they bring a new baby into the world. By giving them the gift of trees, you’re showing that you care about the environment, not just now but for their child and the future world that they will grow and live in. If they are anything like you, they will share those sustainable values and share your eco-friendly gift with their new baby as it develops and becomes a child. How cool when they are older for them to learn that they are the proud owner of their very own trees in French or Danish forest? Your gift will help set them off in the right direction as they make their way in the world and start to understand the importance of looking after our wonderful planet.
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Trees absorb CO2

Trees store CO2 far into the future. They are vital to the green transition, fighting climate change and supporting biodiversity in local, natural habitats.


Trees grow with you

Many tree species live much longer than us humans. Your sustainable gift is the perfect, eco-friendly alternative that can help the planet today and decades from now.


Trees produce valuable materials

As trees grow, they increase in value. When their life cycle is over, they are sold as sustainable timber. That makes your gift a long-term, green investment.


What people say about their sustainable gifts

By giving a tree, you can be sure that no one will have the same idea of gift as you! It is one of the only gifts that will accompany your baby throughout his or her life. Whether it's a birth gift for a girl or a boy, the tree will satisfy your quest to spoil the newborn.
4.7552 reviews
Anne B.

Anne B.

Google Reviews – June 2022

"What a great gift idea for a new baby and a positive thing to do for the planet. Perfect!"
Sylvie G.

Sylvie G.

Google Reviews – November 2022

"I was looking for an original gift for my granddaughter's christening and came across this site. It's a great initiative and it allows us to help preserve our forests through small contributions."

Gift cards: the best way to give trees

You can’t really wrap a tree! Instead, you can give your gift as a gift card. You can even choose how you share it.

By email

Save on paper and emissions by sending a personal gift card by email.

Printable gift card

Share your gift card in person by downloading and printing it out at home.

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Give trees as a birth gift? Yes, but I have questions!

Are you thinking about buying an eco-friendly and unique gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby? Here are the answers to some common questions.

Why is a tree a unique new baby gift?

There is no doubt about it, a tree is a unique and eco-friendly gift idea that shows you have put some real thought into it. And while it’s true that you can find all kinds of more traditional newborn gift ideas online or in a store, none of that stuff will be as environmentally-friendly or meaningful as a tree. Trees represent new life, strength and growth, all symbols that will have special meaning for the new parents and their newborn baby. A tree can also be the perfect gift for many other occasions, whether that’s a wedding, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother’s Day, abirth or even to honor the memory of a loved one, a tree is a very meaningfull gift.

How do I give a tree to a new baby?

Our gift process is straightforward. All you need to do is choose the tree you would like to gift, and then decide whether you'd like to send it directly to the parents by providing their email address or create a personalised PDF with the baby's name. It's a convenient and meaningful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life while contributing to a greener future.

How can I see the tree that was given to me?

If you have received a tree as a sustainable new baby gift, you will need to create or add it to your online EcoTree account. There you will find information on its location, age and species, as well as the date we estimate the tree will be ready to cut. As your tree has been gifted to celebrate a new life and sustainable future, you will also be interested in and able to see the amount of CO2 your tree has sequestered throughout its lifetime. You can find the GPS coordinates of the forest on Google or on the page dedicated to forests on our website. You can even visit our forests from April to October and see our trees in person – just bring the baby carrier!

Why does EcoTree plant trees?

Our foresters plant trees to renew and protect forests as part of our sustainable approach to forest management. They take care of planting them when they mature, and when trees are cut down in a forest, others are planted in their place, unless they grow back on their own. Foresters often favour natural regeneration, which just means trees that have grown without human help. But it may be necessary to plant for several reasons: either because natural regeneration is non-existent, or because the climatic conditions are not good. Sometimes trees are also planted to gently modify the diversity of forest species, so they can adapt to climatic disturbances.

Why is a tree a great new baby gift?

You’ve probably given the usual newborn gifts, like clothes, toys or some other disposable item they’ll hardly use or grow out of quickly. While those traditional newborn presents will soon be forgotten, trees grow for many years in EcoTree forests. They are symbolic, meaningful and do a fantastic job of representing new life and growth. Your trees will develop and flourish over time, just like the little one whose new life you are celebrating.

Will the lucky parents really want a tree as a new baby gift?

Look – everyone loves trees. These natural, living organisms are beautiful and forests are often referred to as the Earth’s lungs. Without them, life would not be possible, as they provide our oxygen and make our soils rich with the nutrients needed for cultivation. And of course, trees form incredible shapes and colours that constantly change throughout the year, which means our forests are home to a large number of fauna. While climate change is already affecting our way of life, more and more people understand the essential role trees play in a more sustainable future for the planet. When you give a tree as a gift, you can’t go wrong, especially when you are helping celebrate a new life entering the world.

Buying a sustainable, plastic-free gift like a tree to celebrate a new life!

It’s becoming more and more common for people to leave those boring, traditional new baby gifts behind and look for eco-friendly alternatives. Buying a sustainable, plastic-free gift like a tree to celebrate a new life is still packed with beauty and meaning.
EcoTree customers tell us that climate change and living a lifestyle that is good for the environment are top priorities for people. And that desire to buy eco-friendly products also applies when it comes to celebrating a new baby. Everyone loves unique, green gifts that help the planet – like trees!
Of course, eco-friendly new baby gifts are sustainable by nature – that’s the whole point of giving a gift that benefits the environment. Because every year, those traditional presents, often made of single-use plastics, end up being exchanged, returned, resold or thrown right in the bin. Those kids can be picky and grow up fast!
But when you give a tree as a newborn present, you know it will still be there for many years into the future, maybe even decades. And that makes trees the ideal alternative new baby gift, because they are a symbol of love, life and growth.
From the Douglas fir to the Sessile oak, every species of tree is entirely unique, just like every new baby that enters the world! And when you give and own trees in EcoTree forests, you help them become more resilient, within vibrant, thriving ecosystems.
Did you know that forests are natural carbon stores? In the fight against climate change, that means they are a fantastic way to capture CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere.
Then there is the need for sustainability. Because a green and eco-friendly new baby gift really is a sustainable option. There are no single-use plastics – of course – but there is no waste created at all. You simply buy your green gift online and then email a voucher to the parents of the newborn baby.
Trees also lead to a far better use of natural resources. As a natural, renewable material, wood can be turned into timber and used instead of much more polluting alternatives, including plastics.
Here at EcoTree, our commitment to the environment and principles is what we base our forestry model on. The green transition is coming and the timber from trees is a valuable, strong and a vital part of all our futures. The planet is about to become more sustainable and reliant on renewable materials, which means forests are so important as the world adapts to a changing climate.
Every year, a tree absorbs approximately 25 kg of CO2, which means being a tree owner will have a significant impact in terms of offsetting your carbon footprint.
It also means that by giving a tree as a new baby gift this year, you will tell the world about vital forests, carbon capture, climate change, biodiversity and many other topics related to our planet. Of course, if you give a tree as a newborn gift, you might get an eco-friendly, alternative gift back in the future too.
At the end of the day, trees are an eco-friendly new baby gift that do so much good for the planet in many ways. Trees in EcoTree forests have a meaningful impact and you can give them as a gift for many occasions.
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