Plant a tree in memory of a loved one

Commemorate the life of a loved one by planting a memorial tree.

Pont-de-Buis Forest, France

A memorial tree, a symbol of life

A symbolic gesture

A tree will outlive us and carry an abundance of life.

A growing monument

Where relatives of the deceased can visit.

An environmentally friendly gesture

Forests allow life on Earth to flourish

Our selection of memorial trees

Trees have different symbolic meanings. For example, Oak symbolises prosperity and longevity, Douglas Fir represents constancy and resistance, and Beech is associated with knowledge and wisdom. This gives you the possibility to choose a tree that symbolises the characteristics of the person you would like to commemorate. The tree will be planted in one of our forests (in France) alongside other trees that may be planted for other occasions, such as births, forming a circle of life. The tree will remain in our forest, continue growing, and benefit biodiversity.

5384Arbre1820%FR CedarUneven-aged high forest Ploerdut 5 Forest 56
Red Cedar €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Ploerdut 5 Forest
Morbihan, Brittany, France
5373Arbre1820%FR treeUneven-aged high forest Lacelle Forest 19
For subscribers only
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Lacelle Forest
Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
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5349Arbre1820%FR high forest Lacelle Forest 19
Larch €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Lacelle Forest
Corrèze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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Why plant a tree in memory of someone?

Why plant a tree in memory of someone?

Giving a tree as a memorial gift to a deceased person's loved ones is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy. It is a personal way for them to remember or celebrate the life of the person and signify that the person's memory lives on, not only through their loved ones, but through the roots of a growing tree. The rustling of the branches and leaves in the wind will whisper the past of a life once lived.
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What are others saying about our memorial trees?

4.7552 reviews
Jean-René M.

Jean-René M.

Google Review - October 2022

"Very nice idea to offer a tree for a deceased. Greener than flowers. A lasting memory."
Annick D.

Annick D.

Google Review - December 2021

"We became aware of this company after the death of our dad! We found the concept interesting, and offered trees to our children and grandchildren. Congratulations to the EcoTree Team, which was very responsive and attentive to our messages. "

Do you still have questions? We have the answers!

How do I gift a memorial tree the loved one(s) of a deceased?

We recommend that you create a gift when purchasing the tree to be able to send the tree to the family or loved ones of the deceased. To do this, click on the ‘Create a gift ’ button when you are in your basket. You can then create a gift card with a personalised message for the receiver of the tree. That way, the receiver of the tree will be able to read about the tree, the species, the forest where it is planted, and the GPS coordinates.

Can we name the tree?

We do not physically label the trees, as we want to protect our forests as best as possible. However, the receiver of the tree will be able to name the tree virtually from their EcoTree account. We do provide GPS coordinated for each tree, which is accessible from the EcoTree account, and as our forests usually are open from April to October, you and the receiver(s) of the tree are welcome to visit the tree if you wish to do so.

Is it possible to participate in the planting of the tree?

Some trees you can find in our TreeShop are already planted. But if this is not the case, the plantations will be done by our foresters. Several hundred young trees are planted in one day, and planting dates depend on weather conditions, the availability of plants in the nursery and that of forestry workers. Therefore, it is too complicated to plan to allow the public to attend the plantings.

Will the tree forever stand in the forest?

The trees have a cutting horizon just like our other trees. If you wish for the tree to stand in the forest for as long as possible we recommend opting for a tree species with a long harvesting horizon, such as a Corsican Pine. You can check the estimated time before cutting of each tree in the TreeShop.