Red cedar: Meaning & Uses

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Red Cedar

Uneven-aged high forest

Ploerdut Forest

Morbihan, Brittany, France

Time before cutting: 69 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 810 kg

Expected gross gain : €58 | Do you want to know more?

The why

Why does EcoTree plant Red Cedars?


Red Cedar - Botanical description

Planting & maintenance

Red Cedar - Species requirements


The Red Cedar's wood

The red cedar's wood has a unique smell. It is tender, light, and ranges from the yellow (on the outside) to pink brown. The wood is very resistant to rot, and is used to produce shingles, boats, exterior claddings and window frames.


The Red Cedar's symbolism

This sacred tree in many peoples is called"tree of life" because of its longevity and persistent greenery. In its country of origin, North America, it can live up to a thousand years! The cedar is a tree symbol of eternity and always inspires a sustainable and ecological birthday present!

Your thuja will fight climate change by storing CO2, purify the air and protect the life of millions of animal species: a great gift!

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