Will CO2 compensation scams be the climate’s new enemy?

Will CO2 compensation scams be the climate’s new enemy?

In recent years, the world has seen a significantly growing interest in climate compensation.

Most people in 2020 are aware of the planet’s desperate need for change, and many of them are ready to act themselves. The ways of changing habits for the better are endless. Some turn off the lights when they leave a room, some don’t keep the water running while brushing their teeth, some try to eat less meat, and then there’s the kind of people that do a little extra – they actually compensate for their carbon footprint. Unfortunately, these people’s amazing will to do something great for the planet is not always 100% protected, and as we know historically, there are always a bunch of bad guys waiting to take advantage of good intentions.

In the past week, the headlines in Denmark have revealed an ugly case of fraud with the usage of canceled Carbon Credits. Yes, you heard right. There are actually people that have scammed those great guys that only wanted to do something good. This is of course 100% unacceptable, and we at EcoTree are actually shocked that something like this could happen. When it comes to sustainability, TRUST is critical, and our team surely doesn't take your trust for granted! 

We have chosen not to deal with Carbon Credits in our business model, as we're not yet convinced by the accountability of this unregulated market.
With EcoTree you become the owner of a forest asset, and tree by tree, we make the planet a little greener every day. All of our 18 forests are strictly monitored by both the French financial authorities (AMF) and independent forestry experts, who both ensure that your trees are planted and handled with care and in a sustainable manner. 

We understand why it can be hard to regain trust after an incident like this, but we assure you… It is possible to do something meaningful and giving for the planet without being punished for it. Choose wisely – choose organizations or companies that only offer climate compensation that is strictly monitored by the authorities. Don’t stop believing – the climate can’t afford it. 

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