Apr 15, 2021

5 quizzes to test your environmental knowledge for Earth Day

Education is the first step to take action. Learn about Earth Day, deforestation & biodiversity, oceans & plastic pollution, clean energy & endangered species.

5 quizzes to test your environmental knowledge for Earth Day

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Today, instead of taking a quiz telling you which pizza you are, you can take one (or all!) of these 5 quizzes made for Earth Day - there’s only 10 questions per quiz, so it’s easily doable! ‘cause knowledge is power, which you can use to make impactful changes to help the earth. Oh, and we’ll give you this answer already: Earth Day is on April 22. We know a pepperoni like you likes to cheat a little once in a while.

Earth Day 

What better way to start than with a quiz on Earth Day and environmental literacy in general? Earth Day is a day to raise awareness on how our behaviour as human beings impacts the earth. Test your environmental knowledge and find out everything about this important day for our planet. It’ll for sure motivate you to take the other quizzes and have your friends do the same! (This is your cue to share this article with 3 friends so they can learn more on Earth Day as well. Yeah, we never claimed to be subtle. You’re not going to change the world being subtle, take that from us.)

Deforestation & biodiversity

If you have to take one quiz, we’d say it’s this one - but then again, we’re foresters, so we’re kind of biased here. What did you expect from a forestry company with a big heart for biodiversity? Find out how large the impact of deforestation is for global warming (warning: it’s MASSIVE), what the consequences are (you probably know it’s taking away the homes of so many animal and plant species, but do you know the other issues?), why biodiversity is so incredibly important in the first place, which land-based ecosystem has most biodiversity, and so much more. What are you still doing here, go take that quiz!

Oceans & plastic pollution

By now, you’d think most people would know that single-use plastics are something from a dark, embarrassing past. A little bit like remembering that one person you once dated and prefer never to be reminded about. Or that hairstyle you thought you were rocking in highschool. The reality is that the plastic problem is still very much existent and we can tell you, it’s pretty big too. So taking this quiz won’t harm anyone, if you ask us!

Take the quiz and find out how much you know about the ways plastic pollution threatens our oceans and the beautiful animals living in them.

Clean energy

Find out everything about the different sources of renewable energy! Which countries are affected by climate change the most and which countries have already managed to completely run on renewable energy (and for how long)? What are the negative impacts of burning fossil fuels, and what’s the percentage of countries that could run entirely on renewable energy by 2050 (it’s giving us hope)? Find the quiz on clean energy here!

Protect our species

Last but definitely not least, what do you know about the many species that risk being extinct if we don’t take action asap? Did you know that extinction happens daily? We know, it’s almost unbelievable, but educating yourself is the first step to change. Go and find out the percentage of crops that are dependent on bee pollination (it’s HUGE), how global warming not only affects animals living right now but future generations as well, how you can help protect coral reefs (and why), and so much more in this very valuable quiz.


Okay, now you’ve hopefully taken at least one of these quizzes (if not, we’ll wait, go ahead), it’s time for us to remind you to share this article and urge your friends to learn more about the challenges we’re facing in restoring our planet. Awareness is the first step in motivating people to take action. 

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