European Larch: Meaning & Uses

A very appreciated tree for its rapid growth and its orange colour that its foliage takes in autumn

A very appreciated tree for its rapid growth and its orange colour that its foliage takes in autumn

In nature, mainly in the mountains, Larches, Larix decidua , can reach 30 to 40 meters in height. Also called Common Larch , it belongs to the Pinaceae Family. It is one of the rare conifers that drops its needles in winter.
The why

Why does EcoTree plant Larches?

While other tree species have important cultivation requirements, Larches are indifferent to the chemical richness of the soil and are therefore planted by EcoTree in less attractive soils. Furthermore, they are wind resistant and can therefore be planted in windy regions such as Brittany.


Larch - Botanical description

The Larch's bark on its trunk turns gray and cracked with age. Its branches are horizontal or hanging. This specie differs from other tree species in its family by its deciduous spines that are acicular.
Larches are the only european conifers to lose their needles in winter. While spruces, pines and firs retain them, the Larch tree copies the deciduous tree species by making its needles scorch in the fall and drop for the winter.
It is a monoecious specie with small unisexual catkins on short twigs . Its male flowers are globose and yellowish, small, numerous and hang above the branches. Wind and insects will pollinate the female catkins. The latter are less numerous, slightly larger, ovoid and yellowish, and look skyward.

Planting & maintenance

Larch - Species requirements

The Larch tree thrives in a mountainous environment, preferably on deep, cool, well-drained soil. It is a pioneer specie and grows on poor soils that it helps to enrich. However, it does not support compact and hydromorphic soils. The Larch tree has a deep and highly developed root system that fixes it firmly to the ground. Consequently, it needs deep soil to be able to settle there completely.
The Larch tree needs a dry atmosphere, a long winter rest, and a land well supplied with water. The Larch is very sensitive to insects and parasites .


The Larch's wood

Besides its decorative use in free cultivation or as a hedge in a garden, Larches have always been used for their wood which has particular qualities. With its rot-proof and very solid character, Larch's wood is one of the most sustainable woods , very popular in carpentry, shipbuilding, carpentry, the wooden chalets ....


The Larch's symbolism

The Larch tree is an elegant tree all year round. It symbolizes maternal love because it very often offers food and shelter for squirrels. Moreover, small birds take advantage of its shelter. The Larch tree offers a lovely place of rest appreciated by owls due to its waterproof bark.

The Larch tree is therefore the original gift for Mother's Day : a gift that embellishes every year! For an Original and ecological Mother's Day gift , offer a tree or an entire forest to your Mom, the planet will thank you! Let's replacing the bouquet of flowers with a bouquet of trees!

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