EcoTree Academy — training to help you make the green transition

Take part in training modules to raise your awareness of climate issues.

What courses do we offer?

Choose the right training for your employees


Carbon training

Understanding climate issues

Mastering the basics of the carbon market

Adapting your strategy to carbon issues


Climate Fresco

A fun and collaborative workshop

Taking ownership of the climate change issue

Understanding its causes and consequences


Biodiversity Fresco

A fun and collaborative workshop

Understanding how it works

Identify concrete actions



Knowing and mastering CSR issues

Identifying the keys to engagement

A collective reflection on the commitments


Forests and biodiversity

Understanding the importance of the forest ecosystem

Understand the challenges of its preservation

Understanding its impact on society

What is EcoTree Academy?

What is EcoTree Academy?

5 training modules of 3 hours

An in-person or online learning format

A training course combining theory and practical cases

A diploma following an examination

All our training courses are Qualiopi certified and can therefore benefit from public or mutualised funding.

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EcoTree Team

Why receive training?

Why receive training?

When you understand the basics, it is easier for your company to develop projects related to carbon reduction and energy transition. This is why it is important to learn about climate issues, especially how to reduce your carbon footprint. Mobilising as many people as possible to initiate the ecological transition is the driving force behind our training sessions. Passing on the right knowledge and practices to companies will help us all build a society based on sustainable development. Through our daily activity in the forest, we raise society's awareness, and the training another lever to help implement an effective ecological transition.
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membre équipe ecotree

Why is EcoTree becoming a training centre?

To extend our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, we have has set up a training centre. Its objective is to train and raise your employees' awareness of environmental issues and energy transition through five modules. The training is delivered in half-day sessions on one of the environmental themes. You will learn about ecological transition, forest management, carbon sequestration and the necessary preservation of biodiversity. Our expertise in the field, in the forestry sector and in strategies for reducing the carbon footprint of companies makes us a player capable of transmitting information. We are committed to sharing our forestry knowledge and guiding companies and their employees so that they can become players in global carbon neutrality.
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All our courses are Qualiopi certified

The Qualiopi certification is issued by certification bodies accredited or authorised by the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac). The certification attests to the quality of the training, so you can be assured that the courses you take at EcoTree Academy are of the highest standards.

The purpose of Qualiopi

The Qualiopi certification attests to the quality of the process implemented by the service providers and makes the training offer more visible to companies and users.

Who is Qualiopi relevant for?

Since January 1st, 2022, quality certification has been compulsory for all French organisations and providers of training supported by public and mutual funds.

Who issues the Qualiopi certification?

The Qualiopi certification is issued by certifying bodies accredited or authorised by the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac) on the basis of the national quality reference framework.

How is the Qualiopi certification obtained?

After making the formal application, the training organisation undergoes an initial audit, then a surveillance audit at 18 months and a renewal audit after 3 years.