Understanding the co-benefits of silvicultural forest management

Educate yourself and your employees about the issues that threaten the forest and its biodiversity

The objectives

The objectives

Understand what a forest ecosystem is and why it is important.

Understand the impact of ecosystems on society.

Understand preservation issues and the threat from human activities.

Raise awareness of the implementation of concrete solutions in your company.

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Training programme

Trees and forests

Forest basics (30 min)

What is a tree?

What is a forest?


Forestry management

Understanding forestry and its challenges (60 min)

The main stages of silvicultural management

The key players in the sector

The forest and climate change



Definition and fundamentals (60 min)

Key concepts and figures on biodiversity

Biodiversity in forest management


Environmental issues

Ecosystem resilience under threat (30 min)

Forest ecosystem services

Biodiversity and business


Updated on 30/01/2023

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