3 hours to understand the erosion of biodiversity

In teams, learn more about what biodiversity is, why it is important and what threats it faces with the Biodiversity Fresco workshop.

The objectives

The objectives

Understand the issues of biodiversity erosion during a fun and collaborative workshop.

Trace the causes and effects of the disturbance of ecosystems, and the consequences for humans.

Initiate a collective discussion on the levers of action around biodiversity.

Equip participants to implement concrete actions in your company.

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Training programme

Introduction to the workshop

Examples of ecosystems and their associated disturbances (30 min)

What is an ecosystem? How can we preserve its balance?

Discovering the impact of a disturbance on ecosystems using three real-world examples


Understanding ecosystems

The basics of biodiversity (30 min)

Identify the three pillars of biodiversity and know the key figures

What is the concept of ecosystem services? Examples and applications


Disturbances and erosion

The effects of human activities on biodiversity (60 min)

Human responsibility for the disruption of ecosystems

The 5 main challenges facing biodiversity and their consequences



Building for action (60 min)

Identify levers for action at individual and company level

Time for sharing with other teams and discussing conclusions


Updated on 30/01/2023

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