Nov 24, 2022

Trees: the ideal sustainable corporate Christmas gift

Give the gift of trees this festive season for a sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas gift that meets company CSR goals and fights climate change.

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
Trees: the ideal sustainable corporate Christmas gift

Christmas is the perfect time of year to reward your clients and build relationships with a corporate Christmas gift. With CSR targets and environmental policy playing an increasingly key role in company strategy, this festive season is the perfect time to give an eco-friendly present. And we have the perfect nature-based solution for your business – trees!

Why trees are sustainable corporate Christmas gifts

We are EcoTree, a sustainable forestry company that makes it possible for anyone to buy, own and give trees. Our expert team of foresters manage real forests across Europe, so when you buy and give trees through the EcoTree website, you know that it’s the real deal. The lucky recipient of your gift is then able to track and learn all about their tree through an online EcoTree account.

But wait – there’s more. Our forests are sustainably managed with forestry plans set out for the long term. When trees in EcoTree forests come to the end of their useful life in many years’ time, we harvest and sell them as sustainable timber. All of the profits then return to the person who owns the tree – that’s whoever receives your Christmas gift!

1. Take real environmental action

What does a typical corporate Christmas gift look like? Pens, mugs, notebooks and bottles of wine are common festive presents at this time of year. These are all material objects, many of them made of single-use plastic, and quite often destined straight for the bin.

When you give a tree as a corporate Christmas gift, you avoid all that overconsumption and make a genuine contribution to the environment. That’s because the trees you give are natural carbon sinks that absorb CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere.

And of course, the fantastic thing is trees are a natural resource that stores that CO2 well into the future. They are so important to the future of the planet, the green transition and, of course, fighting climate change. Through a simple Christmas gift, your company can play its part..

2. Meet corporate social responsibility goals

Business owners are more aware than ever that environmental responsibility needs to be a part of their company strategy. Corporate social responsibility goals are not some add-on or fringe company policy, they epitomise brand values and demonstrate who you are as business.

Through EcoTree, you can meet your CSR goals and give a sustainable Christmas gift that has tangible benefits. Our friendly team can work with you to choose the right gift options for your CSR targets and help you measure and demonstrate your impact on the environment.

Want more good news? The company, partner or client that receives your corporate Christmas gift will become a tree owner and can contribute to their own CSR goals. Once they’re on board and tracking their trees, they can explore their own environmental impact too.

3. Make a symbolic, meaningful gesture

When we share a Christmas gift, it’s a way for us to show how we feel and say that we care. Can there be a more symbolic, meaningful gift than a tree? We don’t think so. Trees represent the beauty of nature, bring people together and can last for decades.

That’s why trees make a brilliant and sustainable Christmas gift. As a company, you can show your corporate partners that you believe in your relationship and hope it lasts for many years to come. As your gift grows in one of our forests, your partnership will grow too.

When you give a tree through EcoTree, you get to choose the species too. So whether you go for the Sessile Oak or Corsican laricio Pine, there is a chance to learn the history of each species and pick a symbolic Christmas gift that sends exactly the right message.

4. Protect biodiversity and natural habitats

Here at EcoTree, we believe in sustainable forest management. We plant and nurture mixed-aged forests and never clear-cut, because we understand the importance of protecting natural habitats. The trees in our forests are home to many plants and animals.

When you buy and give a tree as a sustainable Christmas gift, you are directly contributing to the conservation of that biodiversity. We also run a range of biodiversity projects that you can support and even start a monthly forest subscription to show even longer-term commitment.

It’s important to remember that while trees make a great green Christmas present, they are part of a wider, vital ecosystem. You are not just choosing an eco-friendly alternative gift, you’re helping to support crucial biodiversity and natural habitats in a time of climate crisis.

5. Make a long-term, green investment

Nature never goes out of fashion, so you don’t have to worry about that when you give a tree this Christmas. But there are other good reasons why trees in EcoTree forests make an excellent long-term investment. It all comes down to our proven, certified forestry model.

Remember, we are real foresters that manage and nurture real forests. When your sustainable Christmas gift reaches the end of its natural life, we harvest the wood from those trees and use them to produce timber. Your gift lasts for many, many years. Nothing is wasted.

And because the trees increase in value over the years, when their life cycle is complete and the timber is sold on to local sawmills, the tree owner gets all of the profits back. That tree owner could be the recipient of your environmentally-friendly Christmas gift this very year!

How to give a sustainable corporate gift this Christmas

You can buy trees in EcoTree forests and support biodiversity conservation projects all year round. While you’re here, you can also read more about our approach to sustainable forestry and learn more about the EcoTree concept behind everything we do.

Ready to spread some green and festive cheer? Use our contact form to get in touch with our team who can help you start buying trees as sustainable Christmas gifts.

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