Calculate your company's carbon footprint

Understand your carbon emissions and find ways to reduce your impact on the planet.

Calculate your company's carbon footprint

Calculate your company's carbon footprint

To reduce your company's environmental impact, start by assessing your carbon footprint. Use our calculation tool to identify the main sources of your emissions. Please note that this tool is not an alternative to a full carbon audit. If you're thinking of carrying out a detailed carbon audit, please don't hesitate to submit your request here.
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From your company's carbon footprint to sustainable development

Once you understand your emissions, you can start to put a plan in place. Reducing your carbon footprint and taking a more sustainable approach to energy will lead to a more environmentally friendly future for everyone.
This online carbon footprint can thus be carried out as a first step to become aware of your direct and indirect impact on climate change, what the experts call scopes 1 & 2 on which to act to make efforts in terms of environmental respect. And since discovering is already acting, if you're here and doing this online assessment of your CO2 emissions, it means you want to do something for our planet. We are here to help you get your whole company on board to reduce your biggest energy costs, and then to offer you an active contribution to the recovery of the living world that has been degraded over the last few centuries. Then it will be time to think about scope 3, i.e. taking your suppliers and customers with you. Your positive energy will undoubtedly be contagious to them.
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Make plans for real change

Once you understand your carbon impact, you can create a comprehensive climate strategy that is both effective and profitable for your business. That means far more than offsetting emissions by planting trees. It’s about putting effective measures in place and creating a carbon manifesto that actively reduces your company’s carbon emissions. You can read EcoTree’s own manifesto to learn our own approach.

We can help you develop a strategy that focuses as much on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as on restoring and developing carbon sinks through sustainable forestry. That's why we talk about ecological or environmental contributions rather than voluntary carbon offsets. By investing in EcoTree forests, you help capture carbon and support local forest planting and management projects.

Forests are an incredible, natural carbon sink because trees absorb large amounts of CO2. Wetlands are also important carbon sinks and our biodiversity projects are working to maintain forest ponds and restore peat bogs. Forests contain many ecosystems and all have a role to play in carbon capture. That's why at EcoTree, we carry out a diverse range of work – we know each forest is more than the sum of its trees.

Working with us on your environmental policy and Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) can also have a positive impact on your team. Current employees and younger people who are new to work feel stronger than ever about the world's social and environmental challenges. They expect corporate and social responsibility (CSR) to be at the heart of your company and that's where EcoTree can play a vital role.
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Carbon manifesto

Make a lasting contribution

Carbon offsetting is where your company funds projects that claim to be good for the environment. They can make you feel great, but do little to reduce your own carbon emissions. And that’s where real change happens.

Let’s take an example. Say your company buys carbon credits for a project on the other side of the world. That doesn’t change your behaviour at home or stop you polluting. You can continue emitting carbon with no reduction at all in your own emissions

This is short-term logic because the environment is everyone's business. We recommend carrying out a carbon assessment of your company’s activities then taking action. You will quickly see where you can reduce emissions in areas including transport, heating, computer servers and digital technologies. Many companies find they reduce costs too.

Putting your support into local biodiversity projects is also good for your business. Your team will find it easy to understand and get behind the initiative and may even get the chance to see the effect of the support first hand. It’s a much clearer, cleaner way to approach carbon neutrality and one that can help your company grow and develop as a whole.
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