53 - Mayenne

Préaux Forest


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  11.46  °C

  72  %

  9.62  km/h

  1009  hPa
atmospheric pressure

Located in Mayenne, the Préaux forest sits alongside The Vaige, a tributary of the Sarthe river. Originally used for agriculture back in the 1990s, but we saw the land's huge potential.

That's why EcoTree took over managing Préaux in Summer 2020. Our aim is to turn the 10-hectare area into a place where trees, plants and animals can thrive. To do that, our forestry team have thinned stands to create space and encourage light into the forest.

There are four main tree species in Préaux: sessile oak, ash, cherry and black walnut. We can't wait to open up the forest for you to choose and purchase a tree of your very own.

PEFC Certification : In progress

Management turnaround : Jul 1, 2020

Environment & localization : The Préaux forest is in Mayenne, which is close to the Sarthe on the borders of the historic provinces of Maine and Anjou.

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public


A photo of Préaux Forest