Pleyben Forest


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  11.67  °C

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  1018  hPa
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In the centre of Finistère, between the Mountains Arrée and the Black Mountains, Pleyben shelters one of the most beautiful parish enclosures in the region, a legacy of the Breton Golden Age (16th century). To the north of the town stands our forest.

You will discover a place full of life that's populated by many species: Vancouver fir, maple, Sitka spruce, chestnut, Douglas fir, or red oak. Wild boars, roe deer, foxes and even ermine gleefully hide themselves in the nature there. From the forest, you can see Mont Saint-Michel of Brasparts, the highest point in Brittany (385 m). It dominates the Yeun Elez, an area of marshes and moors where, according to Breton legend, the Gate of the Underworld is located. Beware if you meet Lankou there: Death personified! Open to the public

PEFC Certification : Yes

Adoption of management documents : Nov 5, 2018

Management turnaround : Jun 4, 2018

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public


A photo of Pleyben Forest