Melgven Forest


  clear sky

  18.76  °C

  55  %

  5.27  km/h

  1018  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The name Melgven comes from the words "mell" (rounded hill) and "gween" (white); the white hill.

The Melgven forest is situated on a moderate slope, oriented to the northeast and with rainfall levels of around 1000 mm per year. This makes the area suitable for Douglas-fir and chestnut. The ground vegetation mainly consists of molinia and fern. The area had been lacking forestry management since a complete clearcut was carried out. EcoTree is now giving new life to this historical area, where you can find numerous remains from the Gallo-Roman era.

PEFC Certification : (In progress)

Management turnaround : Feb 5, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on %openDate%


A photo of Melgven Forest