56 - Morbihan

Kerautret Forest


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The Kerautret forest is located in Le Golo, a few miles from Plouray and the river basins of Ellé and Aër.

At the confluence of Plouray, Langonnet, Saint-Tugdual, Priziac and Le Croisty stands the forest of Kerautret. Young spruce seedlings from Sitka, accompanied by Douglas, Fir, Thuja and Birch, have just appeared there and are now brightening up in this living space. Etymologically, the name Kerautret could be translated as "village of the so-called Autret", originally meaning "useful friend." What could be more useful than a forest? Come and breathe in the chlorophyll and iodine; this forest is your ally.

PEFC Certification : Yes

Sustainable management document : Good Forestry Code

Adoption of management documents : Nov 23, 2017

Management turnaround : May 2, 2016

Environment & localization : Forêt de Kerautret, lieu dit le Golo. Au confluent de Plouray, Langonnet, Saint-Tugdual, Priziac et Le Croisty s’élève la forêt de Kerautret. Étymologiquement, le nom Kerautret pourrait se traduire par « village du dénommé Autret » , signifiant à l'origin

Forests : Open to the public

Only 27 left ! 115Arbre1520%epicea_de_sitka_jeune_plant.jpgSitka SpruceAge: 2 to 4 years old Kerautret Forest 56https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/kerautret-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/56-morbihan/kerautret-forest/sitka-spruce/115

VAT incl.

Sitka Spruce

Age: 2 to 4 years old

Kerautret Forest

Morbihan, Brittany, France

Time before cutting: 37 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 600 kg

Expected gross gain : €31 | Do you want to know more?


A photo of Kerautret Forest


Plantation de haie pour la préservation de la biodiversité.