Act now to reach net zero

Purchase verified carbon certificates backed by high quality, nature-based projects in Europe.

Get certified carbon credits

We offer projects certified by Bureau Veritas, Label Bas Carbone and Verified Carbon Standard.

Bureau Veritas

French and European projects. The method is adapted to EcoTree's sustainable forestry model.

Starting from 75 euros per tonne

Label Bas Carbone

French projects accredited by the French government (Ministry for Ecological transition)

Starting from 30 euros per tonne

Verified Carbon Standard

International projects to preserve or create forest ecosystems

Starting from 15 euros per tonne

Nature offers a thousand and one ways of sequestering carbon

carbon sequestration
CO2carbon dioxide
Csequestered carbon
Terrestrial ecosystem
Terrestrial ecosystem
Marine ecosystems
Marine ecosystems
To reach your net zero goals, you will need to deal with your residual carbon emissions. EcoTree's portfolio of nature-based projects across Europe can help. We take a holistic approach; sequestering carbon whilst helping biodiversity thrive and enhancing the local environment. We deliver high-quality, verified carbon certificates based on sustainable forestry, peatland restoration and biochar production across Europe. With carbon prices skyrocketing, you can invest in a forest with us now that will continue to sequester carbon for decades to come.
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How we work together

Step 1


When designing a forestry management plan, we estimate the quantity of carbon captured using our in-house carbon methodology verified by Bureau Veritas. Unlike other methodologies, it is specifically adapted to represent continuous cover forestry systems.


Step 2

Planting and managing forests

We use our knowledge and local forestry expertise to source the most appropriate land for your project in Europe. We practise sustainable silviculture, thinning mature trees for timber whilst leaving the forest to stand as a healthy ecosystem.


Step 3

Verification and reporting

We measure actual carbon captured through your project every five years, and issue verified ex-post credits. This provides you with solid evidence of your company's action and carbon sequestration. We combine ground-based measurements and remote-sensing to monitor your forests and help you communicate progress with your key stakeholders.


Calculate your company's carbon footprint

Calculate your company's carbon footprint

If you're just getting started on your carbon journey, our carbon calculator can help give you an estimate of your carbon emissions today. If you already have a good understanding of your footprint, we can help you quantify your sequestration requirements and select a project with you. In any case, we'll be happy to talk to you about how to proceed. The calculator can be used to estimate your emissions within scope 1 and 2, such as your electricity, buildings and device consumption. You can also use the calculator to take stock of your business travel, whether that’s by car or public transport. When you’re done, you’ll know the starting point of your carbon journey.
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photo aerial view lung-shaped forest

Our Carbon Manifesto

The voluntary carbon market can be confusing at times. The guidelines in our Carbon Manifesto will help you make informed decisions for your company.
We spend a lot of time thinking about carbon. Our Carbon Manifesto is a way for us to share our views and values, start conversations and raise awareness on topics like good versus bad carbon credits, the importance of reducing, and traceable and verified actions.
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Our manifesto

Going beyond carbon

EcoTree’s approach to forestry is ‘close to nature’. It respects ecosystems, supports biodiversity and will always be permanent — we never clear cut.

aerial photo of forest


We manage uneven aged forests with mixed species and no clear-cuts to improve their resilience and support biodiversity. We do not manage monoculture forests. Instead, we plant and nurture mixed woodland, long-growth forests that provide a wide range of habitats for wildlife. We don’t use any pesticides or herbicides either. Instead our saplings are protected by natural repellent or temporary fences.
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photo of a bird


Our forests are sustainably managed to conserve and promote flora and fauna to nurture natural habitats. EcoTree is so much more than trees. Our expert forestry team, alongside skilled local partners, work on crucial biodiversity projects that restore and conserve biodiversity. For example, we install beehives, plant flower meadows and create habitats for local wildlife.
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Social impact

We work closely with local communities to raise awareness of sustainable forestry, including education sessions with schools. We also work as a partner in programmes to reintegrate people into the workforce and acquire new skills. We always favour partners committed to diverse and equal employment.
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Local projects

We only develop projects in Europe. We work directly with local businesses and landowners to support local employment and develop the sustainable forestry sector. Our in-house experts work in local teams based near our forests. Most projects take place on land we own, and the ones that don't are facilitated through long term partnerships with landowners.
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Meet your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

When you create a project with us, you help reach the UN’s sustainable development goals 6, 8,12, 13 and 15.

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