Are you thinking beyond carbon footprints yet?

We can help you do that. EcoTree supports carbon capture, biodiversity protection and sustainable resources all at once.

Make an impact now

We can help you do that. EcoTree supports carbon capture, biodiversity protection and sustainable resources all at once.

A future in the forest

How EcoTree takes CSR beyond carbon footprints

There’s more to making a green impact than reducing your carbon footprint. And when you buy a tree or a tailor-made forest package with EcoTree, there’s even money in it for you.


Carbon capture is just the start

The UN SDGs aim to increase sustainable timber production and biodiversity preservation, as well as carbon capture. We do all three!


Buy a tree but grow an investment

We own forests so you can own the trees. At the end of their life, your trees are selective cut for sustainable timber. The profit is all yours.


Track and celebrate your impact

Your trees come with an online account, where you can follow growth, financial gain and carbon capture. All you need to tell the world about your actions!

The why

Why is carbon capture important for your business?


of consumers prefer companies that prioritise environmental protection.


of employees say that a company’s green commitments are more important than salary.


of Earth is forest, the biggest CO2 sink after oceans. We need double the planet’s CO2 sinks.


is the Paris Agreement goal for reduction of emissions in Europe by 2030.

Source: Eurobarometer

How it works

How to partner in carbon capture projects with EcoTree


We work with you to identify the forest projects that match your carbon impact.


We get you growing and look after your trees and forest preservation projects.


Anyone in your company can follow the life and carbon capture of your trees and forests.


100% of the profit from the selective cut of your trees is yours. Just not yet!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

your impact

Calculating your carbon footprint


It’s a tricky business, calculating carbon footprints. But feel free to try! Get an idea of the impact of different business activities, then get in touch. Because emission reduction is just the start. We’ll help you pair it with green action.

Calculate my carbon footprint
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