Adapting your strategy and practices to the carbon challenge

Train yourself and your employees on carbon issues with this course from EcoTree Academy.

The objectives

The objectives

Understand and explain the causes and consequences of climate issues.

Master the Net Zero Initiative repository to help adopt the right discourse and strategy in favour of the environment.

Master the basics of carbon, its market and its involvement in climate issues.

Raise awareness of carbon and climate issues in your company and with its stakeholders.

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Training programme

to carbon

Carbon and environmental issues (30 min)

The carbon cycle — why is carbon a real climate and environmental issue?

Human activities causing CO2 emissions

The main carbon sinks

Environmental consequences and dangers

The imbalance of the greenhouse effect and the additional greenhouse effect

The consequences of imbalance



From compensation to contribution (60 min)

Background and key dates

The Paris Agreement and the NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions): accompanying your activity towards reducing your emissions

Moving away from the carbon neutrality triad of assess, reduce, offset

The limits of carbon offsetting

Net Zero Initiative: "We no longer offset, we contribute"

Adopt a new triad and understand its scope so you can act accordingly


carbon market

Understanding carbon markets (30 min)

Acting on the regulated carbon market and the carbon obligations introduced by the Kyoto Protocol

Going further by acting on the voluntary carbon market


of the forest

Integrating forests into carbon and environmental issues (60 min)

The potential of the forest

Biology-break: understanding photosynthesis to better integrate carbon capture

The three rules of carbon capture in forests: sequester, store, substitute

Investing in the forest: understanding the principles and allocation of carbon credits


Updated on 30/01/2023

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