Jul 7, 2022

Why trees make a meaningful, sustainable wedding gift

A great wedding gift is meaningful and symbolic, which is why a tree from EcoTree is the perfect choice – and they’re sustainable too!

Kia Eg
Kia EgB2C Growth & Marketing manager
Why trees make a meaningful, sustainable wedding gift

Are you looking for the perfect wedding present? Something meaningful that symbolises love, strong relationships and growth over time? Here’s why an EcoTree tree makes a unique gift that will last a lifetime, support sustainable forestry and delight the happy couple.

When to give your wedding gift

Unless you’re asked to hand over your gift at a specific time and place, you will normally do it on the wedding day. When you buy an EcoTree in one of our forests, you get a special gift card that you can design, print and put in an envelope along with your message.

Traditional wedding gifts

Before we talk more about trees, let’s go through some of the traditional wedding present options. For many years, friends and family members have been buying gifts including:

  • vases and ornaments
  • ceramics
  • homeware
  • kitchen gadgets
  • experiences

And of course, people often turn to money or gift cards when they are struggling for original gift ideas. There are plenty of options and the statistics show that close friends and family members spend approximately £50–100 when buying a wedding gift in the UK.

What makes a good wedding gift?

When it comes to wedding gifts, there are lots of different ways to think about it. Some people want to give something expensive and shiny, while others want to share something more personal and unique. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a present that you know the newlyweds will like.

Here at EcoTree, we think those traditional options are a little bit… boring. Can you choose something a little more symbolic and meaningful? A wedding gift is an excellent opportunity to show how much you care, but it’s also a chance to choose a sustainable option.

Why choose a unique wedding gift?

We’ve already been through some of the more traditional gifts. But all those kitchen appliances and spa weekends are yet more consumer goods that don’t do a lot of good for our planet. Isn't it more fun – more meaningful – to choose a more sustainable gift that will actively help the environment?

The world doesn’t need any more emissions and extra waste. As more people understand how important it is to change our habits, other types of wedding gifts will become the norm. That's where EcoTree comes into the picture and how you can be part of a new tradition.

Buy a tree as a wedding gift

For less than the price of the average wedding present, you can give two beautiful, living trees in one of our forests. It will be a gift full of symbolism that will grow in step with the happy couple as they share their lives together. The trees will be theirs to keep – we at EcoTree take care of them.

How does EcoTree work?

EcoTree is a sustainable forestry company that conserves biodiversity and captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That means your gift will make a difference to the planet for a long time to come.

Want to know more? Learn all about our unique forestry model.

Visit our treeShop

Ready to buy that unique, meaningful wedding gift? Visit our treeShop where you can choose from a range of tree species in our forests across Europe.

Visit the EcoTree treeShop

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Our selection of trees

Our goal is to enable anyone to do something that benefits nature and helps us to live in a more harmonious world. So why not become a tree owner in a European forest and help combat climate change?

5031Arbre1820%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/04/b8ec8531717785d6083deea60ccaa53b48002bc4.jpegDowny OakUneven-aged high forest La Salle Forest 88https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/la-salle-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/88-vosges/la-salle-forest/downy-oak/5031
Downy Oak €18
Age: 0 to 2 years old
La Salle Forest
Vosges, Grand Est, France
5006Arbre1820%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/05/6fae49b1f0cc36a2896b232e85bf6c1880475d3b.pngBlack AlderUneven-aged high forest La Salle Forest 88https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/la-salle-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/88-vosges/la-salle-forest/black-alder/5006
Age: 0 to 2 years old
La Salle Forest
Vosges, Grand Est, France
4989Arbre1820%FRhttps://bocdn.ecotree.green/essence/0001/04/40c8255881e873acc01b445fdbe86c90a6515c22.jpgItalian mapleUneven-aged high forest Montplonne Forest 55https://ecotree.green/en/offers/forest/montplonne-foresthttps://ecotree.green/en/offers/55-meuse/montplonne-forest/italian-maple/4989
Age: 0 to 2 years old
Montplonne Forest
Meuse, Grand Est, France

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