Let's protect biodiversity together!

Support an EcoTree biodiversity conservation project and help us restore and maintain vital natural habitats.

Our biodiversity projects

Why we need to protect and conserve forest biodiversity

Support all life on Earth

Forests are home to much of our planet's incredible plant and animal life. In fact, 80% of the Earth's terrestrial biodiversity is found in forests.

Adapt to climate change

Healthy ecosystems are less exposed to the danger of natural hazards and better prepared for the impact of extreme weather events.

Protect plants and animals

More than 1 million animal and plant species are in danger of extinction. By protecting their habitats, we help them survive.

How does it work?

Your contribution goes directly towards the biodiversity project you choose to support.

Our experts manage and measure the project, which is at the heart of the forest ecosystem.

We send you an annual activity report to share progress based on established biodiversity indices.

We take a long-term approach and continue to work and report on the project for a minimum of 20 years.


Louise, our in-house biodiversity expert

Louise, our in-house biodiversity expert

"We can't be satisfied by only planting trees. We need to focus on the long term: encourage biodiversity in the same way we encourage tree growth. By following up on our work, we can do more to improve what's already been done. There's no one special way of doing it, each case is particular."
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