Ash: Importance & Use

The common ash is a hardwood tree that can reach a height of 30 meters and live 150 to 200 years.


Fraxinus excelsior, the common ash or the tall ash, is a deciduous tree belonging to the Oleacea family. The genus Fraxinus comes from the word "spear" in Latin as their soldiers' spears were made from ash wood. Common ash is widely distributed in Europe and can grow up to 400m in height.

Why does EcoTree plant ash trees?

In several European countries, the common ash is in significant decline due to the spread of a fungal disease, chalarosis. However, ash trees are home to a large number of animals, plants, and fungal species which depend on it. That's why it's important to ensure planting more and their survival. EcoTree repels chalarose invasions of ash trees by diversifying our species.

Ash - Overview

Ash - Overview

The ash is recognizable by its large trunk whose bark is green-grey or yellowish, sleek before turning dull brown. It has black buds that are clearly visible in winter. Its dark green, deciduous , feathery leaves are divided up into 7 to 15 oval leaflets. They have sharp teeth and are oriented around the central rib, like a feather. They appear quite late in May and last through early winter, turning yellow in the autumn.
Its flowers appear in April to May and last until early winter. There are male ash trees, female ash trees, and hermaphrodite ash trees. Winged achene, or flattened samaras, contain one seed each.
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Ash - Species requirements

Ash grows well in almost any soil, even limestone, but prefers deep, fertile, well-drained soil. It does not do well in tough, compact soil. The ash is a light species, needing sun exposure.

Common Ash Wood

Resilient ash wood is white with a pink and pearly tinge, quite hard, and resilient. It is also very pliable, making it good for making wooden tool handles. Furthermore, ash wood is often used for making music instruments, as well as in cabinetry.
In the Middle Ages, ash trees were planted near castles to ensure a supply of lances, javelins, and spears. Nowadays, it is used in the manufacture of skis, oars, tennis rackets, billiard cues, and more.

Common Ash Tree Symbolism

Its hardwood has long made it the symbol of powerful solidity and immortality. It's been seen as a link to, and even sometimes as a medium between, heaven and earth. The ash is a protector of children, making it the perfect gift for Father's Day. What could be more original than giving a tree to your father : a living and original gift!

Give an eco-friendly gift for Father's Day and help improve the environmental footprint of the planet : gift an ash tree!