7755 - Nordjylland

Thisted Forest

A photo of Thisted Forest

  overcast clouds

  12.79  °C

  3  %

  7.84  km/h

  996  hPa
atmospheric pressure

EcoTree’s first Danish forest is located in the North of Denmark with a view over a beautiful fjord called Limfjorden.

The area is the quintessence of wind, high waves and world-class nature experiences. Here is EcoTrees first Danish forest.

We took over the area in September 2021. And already in Spring 2022, we’ll start our sustainable planting of a variety of trees. We’ll both plant the strong Sessile Oaks, beautiful Maple trees and the wind-resistant Sitka spruces.

Biodiversity is at the heart of our forestry. That’s why we’re reestablishing a wetland area to create shelter and homes for the vital insects, birds and animals.

Management turnaround : Dec 1, 2021

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public

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Sessile Oak

timeUneven-aged high forest

locationThisted Forest

ageTime before cutting: 135 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 900 kg info

Expected gross gain : €304info

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timeUneven-aged high forest

locationThisted Forest

ageTime before cutting: 70 years


Estimated CO2 absorption: 800 kg info

Expected gross gain : €88info