Syndicat Forest


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  4.85  °C

  97  %

  6.91  km/h

  1006  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The forest is located in the commune of Le Syndicat, in the Vosges, in the east of France. It is made up of a clear cut area to be replanted, an existing forest and a wetland to be restored.

This forest hosts a hiking trail and small stream which sustains several ecosystems. The entire forest is surrounded by dry stone walls. According to our lead forester, Arnaud De Grave, they were probably once used to mark a grazing area for various farm animals. The forest consists of 5 hectares. On 2 of these hectares, the trees are in good condition. Some silver fir and spruce are up to 70 years old! On the other 3 hectares, there used to be spruce trees. These were attacked by bark beetles, which the previous owner then decided to cut down to prevent spreading - this is called a sanitary cut, and now there's a lot of work for us to do to regain the natural regeneration.

PEFC Certification : (In progress)

Management turnaround : Jun 20, 2022

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public

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Age: 0 to 2 years old
Syndicat Forest
Vosges, Grand Est, France
Time before cutting: 38 years
Benefits Estimated CO2 absorption: 600 kg Expected gross gain: €39


A photo of Syndicat Forest