Sarran Forest


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  27.09  °C

  43  %

  1.05  km/h

  1021  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Sarran forest is located not far from the town of the same name, in the natural park of the Millevaches plateau.
When EcoTree took over this forest, it had been clear-cut, meaning that all the trees in the forest plot had been cut down. Since then, three plots have been replanted with a variety of tree species which include Douglas fir, Taeda pine and European larch.
The aim of the sustainable forest management we are carrying out in this forest is to help these saplings overcome competing vegetation to form a resilient forest that is rich in biodiversity and produces valuable wood.

Trois parcelles ont récemment été plantées notamment en douglas, pin Taeda et Mélèze. L'objectif est d'aider ces jeunes plantations à sortir de la végétation concurrente et d'y mener une sylviculture durable avec objectif de régénération naturelle.

PEFC Certification : : (In progress)

Adoption of management documents : Jul 1, 2020

Management turnaround : Apr 1, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03


A photo of Sarran Forest