29 - Finistère

Pont de Buis Forest

A photo of Pont de Buis Forest

  few clouds

  14.19  °C

  98  %

  2.73  km/h

  1020  hPa
atmospheric pressure

In spring 2020 EcoTree took over the management of the Pont de Buis forest close to the city Brest in Brittany

After soil preparation that is to take place in the coming months, Douglas-fir, cedars, chestnut, red oak, and beech will be planted and the development of a healthy uneven-aged multispecies forest will begin. An acidophilic beech and oak grove is preserved to respect and maintain biodiversity. Natural regeneration is playing a key role in the development of this forest area.

PEFC Certification : In progress

Management turnaround : Apr 14, 2020

Forests : Open to the public


A photo of Pont de Buis Forest