56 - Morbihan

Ploerdut Forest


  broken clouds

  7.76  °C

  95  %

  2.97  km/h

  1003  hPa
atmospheric pressure

Located in Morbihan in Brittany, the Ploërdut forest extends over 11.6 hectares and consists of two distinct parts, one of 8.9 hectares and the other of 2.7 hectares, on undulating land shaped by history and its few prehistoric remains.

The forest is an old clearcut, non-replanted forest; as soon as it was taken over by EcoTree in spring 2019, major land reclamation work was started to replant a majestic massif. Therefore, a new coniferous forest is now beginning to show the tip of its needles, composed of an irregularly shaped forest plot with a mixture of Sitka spruce and cedar, and a pre-existing Douglas fir plot with accompanying species.

PEFC Certification : In progress

Management turnaround : Apr 1, 2019

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public


A photo of Ploerdut Forest