Palotas Forest


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  21.96  °C

  68  %

  1.36  km/h

  1013  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Palotas forest takes root in the Creuse between the communes of Saint Dizier Leyrenne and Chatelus le Marcheix, a countryside that has provided the Parisian and Lyon region with many Masons for several centuries.

You will find a particularly wild place, a change of scenery and a source of tranquility in which oaks, Douglas fir, chestnut trees and other fir trees will sprout for the coming decades to form majestic forests that will restore this forest to its former glory!

PEFC Certification : No

Management turnaround : Feb 1, 2018

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03


A photo of Palotas Forest