Melgven Forest


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Located in the Northwest of France in Brittany, the Melgven forest underwent clearcutting before we acquired it in 2020. The forest's name comes from the words "mell" (rounded hill) and "gwenn" (white). Thus Melgven means "the white hill".The forest grows on a northeast-facing slope with more than 1.000 mm yearly rainfall. The plot is suitable for Douglas fir and Chestnut, and the weed vegetation consists mainly of moor grass and ferns.
The area around the forest has historical sites dating back to the Gallo-Roman era.

The Melgven forest is situated on a moderate slope, oriented to the northeast and with rainfall levels of around 1000 mm per year. This makes the area suitable for Douglas-fir and chestnut. The ground vegetation mainly consists of molinia and fern. The area had been lacking forestry management since a complete clearcut was carried out. EcoTree is now giving new life to this historical area, where you can find numerous remains from the Gallo-Roman era.

PEFC Certification : : Yes

Management turnaround : May 1, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03


A photo of Melgven Forest