Malicorne sur Sarthe Forest


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Located south-west of Le Mans, the Malicorne-sur-Sarthe forest is a contiguous woodland covering approximately 70 hectares within a larger complex of several hundred hectares. Its geological base is quite favourable for forest production.
However, the forest soils are relatively poor, except in some elevated areas where the soil is more clayey, particularly along the edge of the pond. These soil characteristics, therefore, favour the production of softwood species, which are better adapted to poor soils than hardwood species. As for rainfall, it is sufficient and well distributed throughout the year.
Our objective is to manage this forest as an irregular high-forest, with stands divided into three main plant associations: Maritime pine, bracken, and common heather, sporadically associated with native broadleaved species: chestnut, downy oak, birch and wild cherry; oak-chestnut woodland associated with bramble; mixed oak woodland with hazel, aspen and occasionally European hornbeam.

The plot features a single, 70 hectare area of woodland set in a much bigger area of natural beauty. It boasts a range of stunning species, including maritime pine, Laricio pine, chestnut, oak, birch and cherry trees. Our work to promote natural regeneration of the forest includes a period of thinning to help the trees develop. An Irregular High Forest, plots are managed selectively to maintain the forest ecosystem. We're so pleased with progress at Malicorne sur Sarthe and can't wait to invite you to own a little piece of it soon.

PEFC Certification : : (In progress)

Adoption of management documents : Jan 20, 2018

Management turnaround : Aug 1, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03


A photo of Malicorne sur Sarthe Forest