Louargat Forest


  broken clouds

  19.11  °C

  78  %

  6.24  km/h

  1015  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Louargat forest is located on Mont Hoguemés. It is one of the highest points of the Côtes d'Armor and it has a splendid view.

The municipality of Louargat stretches from the town of Saint-Eloi to the forest of Coat an Noz and Coat an Hay. It borders the Menez Brè, The summit of Trégor, where the Guindy river passes. The name Louargat comes from the saint Ergat from Brittany. It is also believed that Louargat comes from the old Breton Loer or Loar (the moon) and cat (combat) or loc ar goat (place of the wood), due to its location in the middle of the Coat-an-Hay forest.

PEFC Certification : (In progress)

Management turnaround : Dec 10, 2018

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on 01/03


A photo of Louargat Forest