Champeau Forest


  clear sky

  22.43  °C

  53  %

  3.59  km/h

  1014  hPa
atmospheric pressure

The Morvan forest borders the Côte d'Or and Nièvre, and is located on the bank of lake chamboux

This forest was taken over by EcoTree in early spring 2020. Parts of the forests had recently been cut. It will be reforested with the aim of creating an uneven-aged forest. An area of new young Douglas trees will soon be planted. But first, some thinnings and forestry work have to be done in the area. This is to make space for the new trees and to start creating a forest with a variety of age-groups.

PEFC Certification : Yes

Management turnaround : Mar 25, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on %openDate%


A photo of Champeau Forest