Berné Forest


  clear sky

  24.58  °C

  52  %

  5.07  km/h

  1017  hPa
atmospheric pressure

We knew Berné forest had huge potential for our very first visit. Since taking over the land in summer 2020, our team of expert foresters have been busy working their magic.

The trees at Berné were planted in 1991, but the forest had been poorly managed for some time. Our first job was to carry out a careful thinning process. That’s where we reduce the density of trees to give those left standing the space to grow and thrive. It will take time for that work to take effect, but we’re so excited about what the future holds for this fantastic forest. We’ll let you know as soon as the trees in Berné are ready for you to own.

PEFC Certification : (In progress)

Management turnaround : Jun 11, 2020

Forests : Temporarily closed to the public, the reopening is scheduled on %openDate%


A photo of Berné Forest