Help us restore burnt forests in France!

Over 62,000 hectares of French forest have already burned down since January 2022. These devastating fires affect us deeply. Like you, EcoTree wants to act and restore these damaged forests. That is why we would like to make contributing to reforestation easy and accessible to all. Each euro collected will help restore about 1.25 m2.

57.79 Ha of reforestation funded. Objective 217 Ha
(223 people have already contributed to this campaign)

€1 (incl. VAT) ≈ 1.25 m2 restored

No contribution is too small to help us support forest owners restore this priceless natural heritage.

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Contribution in Euro

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Our long-term action plan

Once the diagnoses have been made, we will select projects by relevance and work with our local partners to determine the most suitable forestry management plans. These restoration works can start in the winter of 2023 and will be spread over several years.

Starting today

First diagnoses with our local partners and fundraising

From end of 2022 to end of 2023

Project selection, analyses, and soil restoration

From the end of 2023

First possible restorations depending on land characteristics

What are you funding?


Situational analysis and project framing: making first diagnoses and forestry management plans, formalising contracts and fundraising


Site preparation: cleaning the plot, mulching the burnt wood and supporting soil restoration


Stand restoration: promoting natural regeneration or planting


Maintenance and monitoring: weeding during first three years, fill planting and information sharing