Choose an eco-friendly loyalty programme

Engage, retain and reward customers by putting them at the heart of your environmental strategy

Tailor-made loyalty solutions for your customers

Looking for a green loyalty programme? Choose from a range of solutions designed to engage customers in your environmental projects.


One-off campaigns to finance biodiversity conservation projects.

Loyalty programme

Convert points into planted and sustainably managed trees.

One purchase = one CSR action

A percentage of an item’s purchase price goes to a tailor-made project.

We can help you pick the perfect loyalty solution

We can help you pick the perfect loyalty solution

Our corporate partnership experts work with you to define a nature-based project that’s just right for your company.

We develop a strategy together to help your eco-friendly loyalty programme reach and engage your customers.

We establish key indicators to measure customer engagement and your impact on the environment.

Our communications team gives you tools and advice to help you share your environmental commitment with the world.

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Discover customer loyalty programmes developed with our partners

Engaging customers in reforestation

Since 2021, Origins has combined customer purchases through its website with contributions to reforestation in Europe. More than 10,000 trees have been planted through different campaigns, including one where Origins plant a tree for every online sale.


Showcase your green values

RunnersWorld in the Netherlands has partnered with EcoTree to help its customers get involved with recycling. For Green Friday, RunnersWorld invited their customers to hand in their old running shoes so they can be recycled for new running tracks or playgrounds. In return, RunnersWorld paid for a tree to be planted in Ploemel Forest, France. The campaign was extended until the end of the year because it was so successful.


Commit to sustainable action

Acer is committed to making more sustainable technology, which includes developing a range of eco-responsible products. When launching its first eco-friendly laptop, Acer customers could enter the product’s serial number to sponsor a tree in an EcoTree forest. In total, Acer’s loyalty programme supported the planting of 66,000 trees in the forest of La Trinité-Langonnet.


Discover why and how conserving biodiversity benefits both nature and businesses

Customer contributions at checkout

You can highlight your commitment to the environment by asking customers to make direct contributions at the point of sale – physically and online. The funds collected can finance various biodiversity conservation projects in areas including agroforestry, pollination, and the restoration of wetlands and peatlands.

Set up a customer loyalty programme

Why not give your customers the chance to convert their loyalty points into a forest investment or a biodiversity project? They can choose a tailor-made, eco-friendly project to take part in that will also meet your company values. We can integrate your green loyalty program into your company website or create a dedicated platform for you.

Give your customers trees as gifts

When it comes to green corporate gifts, customer satisfaction depends on how meaningful they are. By giving the gift of trees, you convey your eco-responsible values by showing customers that you are committed to the environment and taking climate action. It will help them feel closer to your brand and form a stronger emotional connection.

One purchase = one CSR action

Help your customers take action too. For any product they purchase, use part of their payment to finance a local, sustainable, social biodiversity project that will have a positive impact on the planet and climate. At EcoTree, we have a range of nature-based solutions to choose from.

Create your corporate forest

Build customer loyalty and share your brand values by giving them the opportunity to sponsor a tree. For every product they buy, they can receive a gift code that allows them to sponsor a tree in an EcoTree forest. We can even create a dedicated platform where customers can interact with your business and track their trees.

Educate consumers about the environment

Make your customers aware of your eco-responsible commitments. We can help put together a loyalty programme and eco-friendly project that engages your customers, partners and colleagues.

Communicate at your points of sale

It is important that your products reflect your CSR commitments. You can create digital media and highlight the environmental action you are taking on all of your point-of-sale (POS) advertising and communications. We can help you share your green commitments in a way that reaches customers and engages them with your brand.

Get expert help for tailor-made project

Our team of experts can help you create a tailor-made project that will meet your CSR goals and be a good fit for your brand. We help you at each stage of the implementation of your project and provide the knowledge and methods for you to put loyalty at the heart of your business strategy.

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