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Support sustainable forestry and turn your CSR goals into a long-term investment.

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Meet and exceed your CSR goals by making a real, positive impact in the fight against climate change. Which nature-based solution is best for your business?


Carbon removal

Own a carbon sink

Independently certified CO2 capture

Returns on your investment



Conserve natural habitats

Protect local wildlife

Choose tailor-made impact projects


Corporate gifts

Show your company values

Make real impact

Give a meaningful gift



Give trees as loyalty rewards

Use environmental impact to increase sales

Boost engagement with your customers

Who we are

Who we are

EcoTree is a nature-based solution provider with forests across Europe. We are a certified B Corporation and collaborate with sustainable-oriented businesses that want a greener profile, supply chain and operations. More than 1500 companies have already started growing vibrant forests that preserve and promote biodiversity, and secure credible carbon removals by sequestering CO2.
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What makes EcoTree unique

We have in-house experts in carbon, biodiversity and forestry who engage with local partners on projects that deliver financial, environmental and social benefits.

We are foresters
Our expert foresters guarantee transparency, quality and expert knowledge. We were voted 'Best for the World' for the environment by B Lab Global for a reason!

Local impact
We work with local partners to have a positive social and economic impact in communities.

Return on investment
As your trees grow, they capture CO2 from the atmosphere. They also increase in value, which means when they’re selectively cut for sustainable timber, you get 100% of the revenue.


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Certified for quality

EcoTree is authorised by the French financial regulator (AMF) and our work is rigorously and regularly reviewed by independent forestry experts and "watchdog" organisations.

Projects with partner companies

Projects with partner companies

Join more than 1,500 companies
4.7500 reviews
Karim Ouahioune

Karim Ouahioune

Marketing and Communication Director, Acer

"Our green approach allows us to involve our committed customers, who can sponsor trees and follow the forestry projects over the long term."
Quentin Riobe

Quentin Riobe

Health and Safety Manager - Start People

"To complement our efforts to reduce emissions, 22 000 trees are currently being sustainably managed... and this is just the beginning!"

Your action supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We are experts in sustainable forest management. The trees you buy in our forests sequester carbon and help slow the erosion of biodiversity. When you buy EcoTree trees, you actively contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and fighting climate change.

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