Choose documented environmental action

Our unique approach to sustainable forestry is fully certified and proven to work in the fight against climate change.

Forests are our purpose

Forests are our purpose

Our in-house team of expert foresters works hands-on in our forests every day to put our sustainable forest management methodology into practice. We collaborate with partners in the communities local to our forests, including tree nurseries, sawmills, buyers and carpenters.
We really believe in the social aspect of what we do at EcoTree and that’s why we choose to work alongside inclusive and supportive companies. In 2021, our positive impact on society and the environment was recognised through gaining B Corp certification.

At the heart of our business model is a desire to innovate. We conserve and protect the environment by sustainably managing forests and biodiverse habitats across Europe. Our unique approach means your support leads to real, measurable impact.
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Photo of the forestry team at EcoTree

Your unique forest adventure

Plenty of companies want to make a positive impact on the planet. No one does it quite like EcoTree.

We are foresters
We have our own forestry experts that guarantee transparency, continuity, quality and knowledge.

Local impact
We work with local partners and communities on all our projects.

Get a return on your investment
Invest in trees and you invest in the future — both for the planet and your company!


Recognition and certifications

B Corporation

We are B Corp certified

We became a B Corporation in 2021 in recognition of our corporate mission, consistent impact on the environment, ecological action and transparent governance. We are in the world’s top 5% of B Corps in the ‘Environment’ category and continue to lead and support our communities, employees and customers.



A green investment

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) recognises EcoTree as an ‘intermediary in miscellaneous assets’. When you buy trees in our forests you are taking positive action for the environment. However, your trees increase in value and that financial investment is strictly regulated by law. We were the first company to propose investing in forests and get approval from the AMF.


Ethics Committee

Independent voices

Our independent Ethics Committee is chaired by a former vice-prosecutor of the financial section of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office. It ensures we stay true to our founding values and avoid any conflict of interest. Other members include lawyers and forestry experts who help us refine our approach and make good decisions.


Bureau Veritas

Verified for quality

We developed our own methodology to calculate the amount of carbon your trees sequester. Verified by Bureau Veritas, an internationally recognized organisation, it means you are able to accurately measure the impact your company’s action has on the environment. You can then share that data with your team and stakeholders.


Acclaimed model

Committed to change

Our innovative model has been recognised and rewarded by Tech For Good, Solar Impulse Foundation and the World Economic Forum. Protecting and preserving the environment is at the heart of our strategy. We are committed to the United Nations Global Compact.


Research and development

Our job doesn’t end once your trees are planted. We continue to learn, experiment and grow as we work towards a healthier, more sustainable planet.

EcoTree team photo in the forest


To measure the impact of our sustainable forestry management, we have defined 42 irregular management plans that allow us to overview the quantities of carbon sequestered and the financial valuation of wood from our forests.
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photo of a forester at EcoTree

Carbon sequestration

Every five years, we use our scientific methodology to verify the amount of carbon sequestered. It’s a unique approach, verified by Bureau Veritas, that contributes to biodiversity conservation over the long term.
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photo of biochar


We are testing biochar as a way to improve soil quality and to transform dead or pest-ridden trees into biochar. When our harvested wood cannot be used for construction or industry, as biochar it can still store carbon and have a positive impact on the environment.
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photo of a forester at work


We develop Potential Biodiversity Index (PBI) diagnoses in our forests and create fauna and flora inventories to measure the ecological impact of our work. Our teams work with and consult local experts on wetlands, agroforestry and bees.
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