Nov 20, 2021

Learning to trust the wood

Our Forestry and R&D Manager has been out of the office and into the forest!

Louise Frederikke Kofoed-Dam
Louise Frederikke Kofoed-DamCommunication & PR Manager
Learning to trust the wood
Let’s face it, the best way to learn is not from the office, it’s from the forest – and preferably hanging from the top of a tree!

Our Forestry and R&D Manager Pablo is a brave man. He’s been out of the office and into the forest, learning to trust the wood by honing his skills in tree climbing.

In the office, Pablo is our biochar and biodiversity specialist, working on ways to sustain and increase forestry coverage in Europe by protecting the biodiversity of the forestry ecosystems. But let’s face it, the best way to learn is not from the office, it’s from the forest – and preferably hanging from the top of a tree! 

So that’s exactly what Pablo did. Spending six days of tree climbing in the village of Tarcento, located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, north-east of Italy (quite close to Austria and Slovenia). Taught by Andrea Maroè and Pietro Maroè, a father and son who’ve been working passionately on trees for more than 30 and 10 years, respectively, they’re among the most skilful experts in Italy and Europe. 

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The course enabled Pablo to begin mastering the equipment and the techniques suitable for tree climbing, both as a sport but especially for study and work purposes. For instance, for measuring tree height with the tape drop method, for studying other organisms that live on trees, and for pruning trees according to modern arboriculture principles that respect them and can potentially even cure them. 

Unsurprisingly, there was a very high focus on safety and on using movements and positions most suited for working (with two hands!).

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Back in the Copenhagen office, Pablo reflects on his days from the top of the three beautiful oaks:

”Climbing trees allows you to discover them from another point of view, much closer in comparison to when you have your feet on the ground. You learn to touch, examine and evaluate the tree trunk and its branches. You learn to trust the wood. That, together with the ropes, the harness, and the other gears, is what keeps you from falling”, he explains and continues: 

“From the top of the tree, some 15-60 m above ground, tree climbing enables you to experience the natural wonder of it, as well as all the other organisms that call it home, for instance plants, lichens, moss and insects. In some ways, it’s like an entire ecosystem all in itself”, he says. 

This course is part of a learning process that Pablo started some time ago. As he’s learning to prune trees, tree climbing is a very crucial cornerstone of that process. He’s ambitious to learn, to climb, study, prune and help trees, because trees have the right to be healthy, safe and beautiful. 

“Call me dreamer and you are not far from the truth”, as he frequently likes to put it. 

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