Jan 22, 2020

EcoTree - Your economical and ecological investment in a greener planet

Who is EcoTree?

EcoTree - Your economical and ecological investment in a greener planet

Who is EcoTree?

EcoTree is a green-tech company specializing in sustainability. Our goal is to promote environmental awareness and engage individuals and businesses in eco-friendly behaviour by offering simple, concrete, and financially viable solutions to becoming a tree- or even forest owner.

Every single day 3.4 billion tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere worldwide. In Europe, we are among the worst polluters in the world. While we can do a lot to reduce our emissions, it is impossible to stay completely CO2 neutral. You can, in turn, offset your carbon footprint by planting trees. As a matter of fact, the forest is one of our best means to fight global warming, as trees absorb CO2 through the process of photosynthesis. EcoTree has democratized and digitalized forestry. With EcoTree, it is easy and accessible both for individuals and businesses to contribute to the reforestation and preservation of our common green heritage. EcoTree enables everybody to become a tree owner.

EcoTree rewards sustainability
EcoTree has a team of forest experts that take care of planting and maintaining the forests in which your trees are located.
You, being the owner of the trees, are entitled to receive 100% of the revenue generated from the wood sale when your trees have reached maturity, cut, and the forest is renewed. EcoTree implements a “close to nature” forestry management plan in which the preservation of the biodiversity in the forest is kept at the heart of our activities, and for every tree that is cut, EcoTree plants three new ones.

For companies: Take your #CSR strategy to the next level
EcoTree reconciles sustainability and profitability by offering companies the possibility to take action for the environment in a concrete, tangible and traceable way.

  • CSR commitment: Put an end to Greenwashing. Adopt a concrete solution by participating in the planting, maintenance and restoration of European forest areas
  • Business profitability: Transform an expense into an investment. Establish a green portfolio for yourself with high ecological and economic value and receive 100% of the revenues generated by the final cut of your trees (your trees have an expected gain in value of 2% per year).
  • A committed communication strategy: Communicate your virtuous actions more efficiently thanks to our communication support and turn your CSR strategy into a real marketing asset

Read more about our CSR solutions HERE

Our History
The idea behind EcoTree came up when our founders, a group of French childhood friends, went to Copenhagen on a trip in 2014. There were many things that the group of friends adored about the Scandinavian lifestyle, but one thing that especially struck them was the well-functioning bottle deposit system. Consequently, the cities are clean and society more sustainable. This simple idea of rewarding sustainability led to the foundation of EcoTree. 

EcoTree International
Approximately 600,000 trees later, the idea that was born in Scandinavia returns to its place of origin, as EcoTree has opened its new international office in Copenhagen in September 2019. EcoTree will now enable the Scandinavians, the Dutch, the English, and many other international clients, to become tree owners.

Read more about us and find YOUR tree on EcoTree.Green